Sunday, September 17, 2006

DSL is crud and Nazi Popes...

Sorry... But it IS. At my mother's house (where My Lady and I have been living) we paid for, and received Cable-broadband. It's fast... It seems to be about the same, or even faster than the T1 or whatever we have at LOLAU.

However, My Lady and I have begun our "house-sitting" stint in St. Paul. It's wonderful to be away from the "parent's house" and "on our own" etc... However, the internet connection at the house is a really POKEY "Qwest DSL" modem. I don't know what to say about the "Blazing Fast Speed" that these silly DSL-modems are supposed to have, but I'd say it seems about five times SLOWER than my Cable-modem. Gah...

Anyhoo... A fun Pic of My Lady:

My Lady AFTER the Braiding episode

What "Braiding Episode" you ask? Check out the pic here (towards the bottom of the post). Yes... THAT "Braiding Episode." Anyhoo... I think that Fiona with curly hair, is just adorable!

Um... Yeah. So.

Nothing much to go on about... Politics... Blah! Religion? Blah. I mean, except for the "Nazi Pope" for putting his gold-shod FOOT in his mouth. Muahahahaha! I'm surprised the Moslems didn't figure on this guy being a really good "hater." I mean... He IS CALLED the Nazi Pope for a reason. By the way... I'm not the ONLY person that calls him that... As if you look up in Wikipedia, the search: "Nazi Pope" he comes up! Ehh??? Ehh?? See???

Anyhoo... Yeah. That's about it for now. Just ending on the phrase:

Nazi Pope

-- T