Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Hmm... Wednesday.

Wednesdays are okay... They're the "hump" day. The day that is in the middle of the week... If you can "get over" the hump, you've made it through three of the five days, one generally works in our Western Society.

Of course, My Lady and I aren't "normal Western Society" and Wednesday is generally My Lady's 'Monday' and she has to work from today thorough the weekend. For me, it actually is my hump day, as I work only three days of the week at the moment, and Wednesday is the second of the third days... So... I guess I'm also 'normal' but only in the most broad and wiggly way.

I'm waxing lyrical today, as I don't have much to post. Get up, walk the dog, eat something, work, eat something, work some more, sleep.


Okay... Fun stuff to make it all worth while to you, for actually READING my blog.

Bless you.

One of the best "jokes" about politics, I have found yet! Politics Explained

And... A "blog-thing" thing-gummy... Thing:

How evil are you?

That's it for today, folks...

See ya soon!

-- Tuckmac