Sunday, October 01, 2006


Well, pretty much all the time... Others say things so much better than I, that I get nauseous.

In the International Herald Tribune there's a marvellous editorial piece...

The 'war on terror' that ruined Rome.

Mr. Harris, a history-scholar from Britain finds frightening parallels between recent U.S. Gov. legislation, and ancient Rome.

It's funny, I've been saying things like:
    "As soon as governments stop funding the arts, the civilisation is soon to fall. I mean, look at Rome."
And once again, another historian has found issue with Rome changing it's laws to counter a "terrorist threat" and how the people in power, in Rome, took the power that the frightened citizens of Rome gave them in response to this 'threat' and then, frankly, did not give it back. Hence, the beginning of the end.

I'll keep saying it again... Taking away our freedoms and our democracy, in response to some imagined or even real threat is NOT the answer to our problems.

-- Tuckmac