Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Furtado... Please stop singing.

Anyhoo... Hello my fine, able and rather dashing readers!

I started up my computer to a GREAT quote today:

From the 'quotations page'

I mean, darn, if that isn't a good quote. I'm not even a fan of Terry Pratchett, but occasionally, the dippy author says something vaguely apt.

Anyhoo... Just a "linky" day post today, although, I think they're fairly good/funny/interesting links.
  • Blue eyes are a rarity I'm one of the few, now a days. I find that wonderful.
  • Steve Perry from the City Pages has a bit of fun with our arch-conservative, Jesus-lovin, gay-haten, prayer-sayin candidate for state representative Michele Bachman. Michelle Bachman is HOT YouTube Video, spoof campaign ad...
  • Okay, Matthew McConaughey pisses me off. I mean, I really really hate him. If he WERE gay, I'd like him more.
Well, kids... That's it for today. Love and kittens...

-- Tuckmac