Thursday, October 05, 2006

I'm in a GRAND mood...

It's wonderful working at L.O.L.A.U., as I am a Technical Associate in an Information Technology Department. Duh... I think to myself...

Okay, so... In Yesterday's Blog, I wrote about my external hard drive going on the "fritz."

I spoke about how my friend N8 has been helping out. Well... We've been preparing for a "final solution" where N8 was going to do some Linux magic, and try to get stuff off the drive. As he was concerned with the safety of our files on the drive (and if N8's concerned, you better damn well be concerned TOO.)

So... I sent out a "help" e-mail to a few of the major techies here at L.O.L.A.U. and guess what...

Patrick had me bring the drive to his office, and within 10 minutes... It was fixed!

Holy crap!?!?!?!

After e-mailing N8, and cancelling the "raping" of the hard drive, he and I BOTH want to know how Patrick did it. I am DYING to know. Ger.

Anyhoo... As per N8's continuing advice... My Lady and I are going to have to get everything OFF the disk, and then re-format and turn on "journaling" (which, N8, I don't understand). And hopefully, the drive will be "safe" again. As for NOW... We've dodged a huge bullet, and My Lady's performance on the 28th of October is now saved.

So... Thank you to N8. Thank you to Patrick. And thank you GODS!

I'm off... Check out This Guy's photography... He's something else!


-- Tuckmac