Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Gah.... Stress sucks.

Hey-o fine readers, I'm here today to do a wee bit o' bitchin', if you don't mind.

Well, if you DO mind, then stop reading and go check THIS out. Cheers!


Sorry, I have to be evil every now and again.

Anyhoo... It's been a very busy weekend. Lot's of art-making with My Lady and... Um, our Anniversary. Yep... ONE YEAR MARRIED!

I'm feeling pretty good about myself, I'll tell you!

Also, had my 15 year high school reunion at Kieran's Irish Pub which was interesting. Thank the gods for buses and taxis, as I definitely wouldn't have been able to drive!

It was very fun to see friends from high school. Everyone is married or "in a partnership" and/or has a bizillian kids... Or...

Well, you get the idea. The fun fact of the entire event was my LACK of children, and my wife's firm: "No, we're not having kids yet, if at all."

Catholics don't understand a phrase like that. Poor little things...

Anyhoo... After a full-bore weekend like that one... It didn't stop. I had Monday and Tuesday off from L.O.L.A.U., and we shopped... We SO shopped... And made art, and MORE art... And I did laundry... SO much bloody laundry... It just didn't stop.

Now, I've been at work all day at L.O.L.A.U., and spent most of it preparing for Thurs, Fri and Monday. See... At the department, there's three of us... One guy is the "technical guy" who troubleshoots all the failing and icky hardware issues around L.O.L.A.U. The other guy is the video-presentations sort of guy. Well... BOTH of them have just left for a conference in Austin, Texas. Leaving ME to be "both" guys. Which means I have to get in at 8:00am, (after a 1hr 30min drive) and I'm here until 9:00pm. Which is a long day, really... And I get to do this through Friday. Gah.

I'm a bit nervous about the whole affair, really... I'll be able to do it, I'm sure of it, and if there's HUGE problems, I can get a hold of either of the guys via mobile phone, so... It's all good. However, although I can say it's all right, and think that it's all right... It doesn't mean my BODY believes me. So... I have a break-out of zits... My ulcer's acting up a bit, and if I weren't already grey-haired, I'd be white by now.

Och weel.

So... Wish me LUCK, fine readers... And if you can... Some words of hope for this tired guy in Minnesota, via the comments would be very appreciated.

Smiles and kittens...

-- Tuckmac