Saturday, October 07, 2006

Uff da!

That's a bit of Minnesotan for you. Uff da. My grandmother always used to use that one. She also used to say to my cousins (and myself) this interesting phrase, which I'm going to have to spell somewhat phonetically:

"Uff da, nafey fón"

The phrase "may" mean something in Norweigian, but I don't know what it means. She told me once, that it sort of means, "Oh, you're a dirty devil" or something like that. Whatever.

Yeah, so... The hard drive is working, and My Lady is in a MUCH better mood. Meaning, of course, that I am in a better mood as well!

I have my 15 year, high school reunion tonight. I'm looking forward to dragging My Lady to the event, as being a British lassie, she's unused to the idea. They don't have high school reunions in Britain... At least they're not common, and she left her high school at the age of 16 (finishing early), so she didn't actually graduate with her class. Therefore, she's never going to have a reunion of her own. As we've been talking about moving back to England in a few years... I realised that I MUST take her to this reunion, as I'll probably never be able to go to one again. Oh, I know... "Never say Never" blah, blah, f-ing blah... However, it's going to be highly probable that I won't be able to afford to come BACK to Minnesota in October in five-year increments, simply to see a bunch of folk that I frankly wasn't that close to when I was 18, and am FAR FROM being close to now-a-days.

There's a great article in the City Pages this week... It's about my least favourite politician in Minnesota... Read the article (Brits, you folk too) and see just how SCARY the Religious Right is getting. 'Cause I am very freaked out by the fact that a screaming bigot like THIS chick is actually swinging almost HALF of the polls in her district in Minnesota. I mean... It's one thing for a nut-job like this to be found in a state in the Bible-belt, like Alabama, or something... But in Minnesota???


Brits - it's really nice to know that your guys lie too.

However, it's nice to know that vaguely controversial things DO happen in Britain, that obviously won't happen here.

And finally... I want to say congratulations to my friend Seamus, who has recently discovered he's going to be a father (and told me with a rather shell-shocked expression, no less). Better you than I, my friend. Congrats!

That's it for today, readers... Next time, thoughts from the High School Reunion!

-- Tuckmac