Thursday, November 02, 2006

Gah... Homesickness.

I'll start what's going to be a fairly depressing entry today, with this marvellous quote:

Source: The Quotations Page And my Google Home Page

Right. Homesickness.

It's funny... I've received text messages from my "Across the Pond" friends for the past couple of days. And I was thinking... Wow, this is weird... Why is everyone spending like, 60 pence on a text message to me this week. And then I realised.

It's been an entire year, now, that I've been back in the States.

One whole year.


You know, it's funny... As My Lady and I spend time going through our "Yankee Lives" and planning for the future, there's always this, um... I don't know... Yearning for Britain. Don't get me wrong, Yank readers... Both of us do actually like living here in Minnesota. And once we move into our "Artist Lofts" our life-styles will be really really interesting. I'm sure. However, no matter "how much fun" we seem to be able to have... I just don't see myself "hanging around" in the United States of America. It's a beautiful country, I've been all over the country. It has its good people, and its bad people. Good politics, and bad politics... Et al.

But it's not Britain. That's all. It just isn't. I found a "home" when I was living in Canterbury, and I LEFT that home to come back here.

Like Anastasia said in yesterday's comment area... She misses Canterbury and is homesick more about Canterbury than Athens! (her 'real' home). I'm much the same.

I don't know. All I know is that My Lady and I are going to give it a shot here, and we'll see what we see. I will continue to make jokes about the fact that if the Republicans get back into office AGAIN, I will leave... (I actually can't leave yet). But I will stay here. For a while. We'll see, what we see... What we see.

And eventually, I'll come home.

Home. It's a fabulous word, and I dream of it every day.

-- Tuckmac