Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Blessed Samhain to everyone.

By the way... It's not pronounced: "SAM-HAIN" okay??? It's pronounced: "sow-en" And yes... It's also known as:


All Hallow's Eve. And I'm not a big "celebratory fellow" so, no, I'm NOT getting dressed up in a costume. However...

Tonight My Lady and I have an appointment with "The Wicker Man" Muahahahahahahahaha...

No, seriously. We were invited over to a dinner at our friends Seamus and Kim's house, and a few minutes after Seamus had called to "invite us" he called back saying, "Shit, it's Halloween on Tuesday. Can you bring the "Wicker Man" over? We've been wanting to see it."

See... My Lady's been talking the film up to like, EVERY American she's run across since arriving here in the States, and so... LOTS of people now want to see it.

I should mention... We're talking THE BLOODY ORIGINAL HERE, not the sure to be SHITE American version soon to be on video and DVD. No... The REAL one... With dodgy audio and screwy acting. The GOOD version.

Anyhoo... We BOUGHT the original. That's right... We couldn't FIND the damn thing in the rental stores, so... We crossed the road to Borders, and bought the thing. Yes... My Lady and I like the film enough to "own it" on DVD.

However, we also RENTED "The Grudge" 'cause... It's ACTUALLY scary, and you have to be scared on Halloween, not just "freaked out" like the "Wicker Man" is bound to do to you.

Anyhoo... We're off. I hope you all have a wonderful Halloween and following days... Smiles,