Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Hmm... Wednesday take two...

Yeah, Okay.

I know I should be goin' off about the mid-term elections that we have coming up in a week here in the States.

I should be saying: "Get out and vote!" or... "Dems 2006" or... "Down with Bush 2006" or something of that nature.

However, at least at the moment, I'm not going to do a post like that. Most of my readers know where I stand on the issues.
  1. Gay Marriage = Good thing
  2. Iraq War = Bad thing
  3. Georgie Bushie II = Bad Thing
  4. Democratic held Senate and House of Reps = Good thing
  5. Lying bastids in political office = Bad thing
  6. Lying bastids that I Put There = Sorta good thing
  7. Illegal Immigration = NOTHING
  8. Port security = Good thing
  9. 700 mile fence on Mexican Border = Wrong thing
  10. Liberal standpoints ad nauseum
But I digress... I'm moving on for now, 'k?

Links, definitely links:
  • Nice Halloween-type link. Makes me just cheery and joyous. YOU?
  • Google buys YouTube and they're getting lawsuits up the ying-yang. Typical. Fugging America.
  • I'm really rather shocked by this news item: Price is Right Host, Bob Barker steps down. This guy has been on T.V. since, well... Since long before I was even a zygote let alone most of my readers. I'll miss you Bob. Well. Um. Actually I haven't watched your show since the mid '70's. However, I still think it's sad you're going away. Good luck.
  • For pure weirdness/funny value: Unusual eBay Feedback is really good for a quick chuckle.
  • My friend N8 turned me onto this on-line comic-strip. Damn him. Here's a funny one: Automatic Doors. True story: I was at my old university (for my MFA) in Canterbury, and they installed these new "automatic doors" on the front entrance. Anyhoo... They were the "slidey kind" that opened something like the StarTrek doors. Well... They were 'brand new' and only a day or so old, when My Lady and I were walking outside and... Wait for it... I walked into the door. "How could you be such an idiot, Tuckmac?" I hear you saying. And no, it's not 'cause they were glass, although they were, or 'cause it didn't open due to a malfunction, although that's close. No, I walked into the door 'cause it only opened half-WAY and I clipped the fugger. Bloody door. From that moment on, the doors never seemed to stick "half-way" again. I think it was some sort of karmic thing, and that somehow I deserved a kick in the face from a recalcitrant doorway. Hmm...
And on that note, I leave you, fine gentle and gorgeous readers... I spoke (well texted) with my friend Toby W. today from Canterbury. He was at the KIAD bar (our old uni in Canterbury) and was with other friends of mine... And they were listening to a CD-mix that I had created for the joint. Toby sent me a text to tell me that they were there, and thinking about me, and missing me.

I almost cried.

Homesickness is not just a malady for those that are away from their "homes" as it were... It's also a sickness that effects those of us that found a home, and miss it dreadfully.

I miss you all, over there... And hope that someday soon, I'll be able to get back to where I belong. If the Republicans take the Senate and the House again... I may be there in a week.


Winces and Kittens, fine readers!

-- T