Sunday, December 03, 2006

A really big rant.

Hello fine readers. Tuckmac here, with a characteristic rant about my Minnesotan government. For the duration of this rant, the Minnesotan government will be called: The Fuggers.

Here's the gist of my rant, sure to degrade into a bit of frothing at the mouth, and swearing:

The Fuggers have discovered a Budget Surplus for the next year of around a billion dollars. (That's not counting in inflation, however, which basically wipes out the entire amount, but... I digress).

What is the topic of conversation, now that The Fuggers have discovered that they've made MORE money than they expected?

Tax Cuts.

That's right... Fugging TAX CUTS!

Our schools, our roads, our social-systems, here in my FORMERLY great socially aware state of Minnesota are in dire DIRE shape. As stated in the Editorial of today's Star and Sickle: Less than meets the eye, class sizes are out of control. Library's are closing, roads are NOT being repaired/built/maintained... All of this due to my WONDERFUL HEAD FUGGER, T-Paw... My fine state is a fugging mess! And what happens...

With the gutting of our social systems, again, DUE TO THE HEAD FUGGER, I've watched my state become a mess of Republican tax-cutting and our social-safety-net programs being gutted... Did I mention GUTTED???

Nightmarish things have been happening here. And you know what happened? After years of Republicans being in control of my state... The voters finally WOKE THE FUG UP, and elected a Dem house and Dem Senate (and strangely left the HEAD FUGGER in place, although I'm still wondering about the collective I.Q. of my fellow Minnesotans on that one) which PROVES that Minnesotans, albeit a bit silly, have realised that the things that they actually LIKE about the State of Minnesota have gone missin'...

And now, we have a budget surplus. Again... This isn't really a surplus once you figure in inflation, but still... What this means, is that when they set the budget for the NEXT two years... We have money in the coffers. We do. And what happens?

What happens? The Fuggers don't sit back and say: "You know, we suffered a crisis in our budget, so we had to cut back on important programs due to T-Paw and his 'I won't raise taxes pledge' and now... WithOUT raising our taxes, we can actually afford to HELP these programs that we've gutted. WITHOUT RAISING TAXES WE CAN IMPROVE MINNESOTA!"




The Fuggers are talking about rebates (which, by Minnesota State law, they have to do... A law I find reprehensible) and MORE TAX CUTS!


What the fugging hell???

MORE TAX CUTS?!?!?!?!?!?

I just don't get it.

Look... T-Paw can stick to his "No Raising Taxes" thing... The Dems can have their social-services FUNDED, and everyone is HAPPY!

Why isn't anyone TALKING about this??? I'm serious! The Fuggers, both Dems and Republicans are NOT TALKING ABOUT THIS!

I just don't understand!

It's not fair. Not bloody fair.

Why am I alone in the wilderness here? What are we normal, everyday people who love our state, and what to go to the bloody library on a road that doesn't destroy my car's suspension, to do?

Sometimes, I just want to give up, chuck it all... And go live in the woods like Thoreau and write stuff to the trees.

Anyone out there, reading this blog, agreeing with me?

I'm going to go cry.

-- Tuckmac