Thursday, November 30, 2006

Just a few quick links today...

my fine readers... Sorry... Been really nuts at work lately.

Okay, so, here we go:
  • A great quote by Bertolt Brecht today... Click here to read it
  • My Lady and I were GLUED to the radio during this man's talk... Seriously. We were almost late signing papers for our "upcoming artist lofts" for this guy... Click Rabbi calls "spiritual progressives" to action to listen to it.
  • Okay, so... Since I just had a "spiritual" link, you know me... I have to throw up a good "agnostic" type link, right? Okay, here: Suspension of Disbelief: Art Student Expelled—For Atheism?
  • Here we go again: English Tell the Scots to go for Independence You know, this comes up all the time. Seriously. There's pros and cons to this idea. A Free Scotland would allow them to do a bit of "re-design" for the EU charter with Scotland. (You know, the pesky one that says Britain is too rich, and therefore Spaniards,'cause their 'poorer' or something, get to send their fishing boats to the waters surrounding Scotland... BUT SCOTS CAN'T FISH THEIR OWN WATERS!) Of course... Scotland without England is just a weird idea. I don't know... I'm just not enough of a SNP member to get really up and arms about a "independent Scotland" or anything... Gah...
Well, readers... That's it for today. I know, I know... It was ALL OVER the BOARD! Well... I'm like that somedays.