Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Have you noticed something?

You know, as a blog reader, you probably have been noticing something. It's not just me...

No one is blogging lately!

I don't truly have an excuse. Anymore than anyone else, I suppose. For me it's a mixture of post-election excitement, Lame-duck congresses, and a dippy President who just received a report on Iraq, and is proceeding to ignore it.

Heard on NPR this weekend, a great Bushie quote:
    "I'll tell you how important I take the Iraq Study Group's Report... I actually READ it."
Now, seriously... If that's a true quote, and not just a joke... I'm scared. Anyhoo...

There's also the "Christmas Season Pain" that goes with December. Both My Lady and I have been decidedly "Bah Humbug" about the whole thing. It's very hard for My Lady to get into the "swing" of the season, as she's a retail-worker. That would kill even the most RABID of Holiday-Shopper folks. My feelings of this holiday season have always been a bit lukewarm, and this year, it doesn't seem to be any more exciting to me.

I'm beginning to wonder if it's a "kid thing." You know... You LOVE the Holidays when you're a kid, 'cause you get prezzies and such. And when you're a parent, it's all about GETTING prezzies for YOUR kids. But in the intervening years, of... Um... NON-parental adulthood... It's just a pain in the ass to get out and shop for your relatives, and friends. I can't say that I am enjoying malls lately. What the hell am I saying, I've never liked shopping. Hmm... Maybe that's it.

But back to the "not blogging" thing... I'm reading all of my Google news aggregators, I am reading Digg.com, I'm reading the Beeb, I'm reading my Reuters, and damn if I'm not just BORED by everything out there! Sorry... I just can't get up the energy to "rant" about anything at all!

Och weel... I will endeavour to keep writing, and such... I just need to get through the "blahs" of this holiday season. I'll try.

Love ya readers...