Friday, December 22, 2006

It's the Friday Before Christmas,

And all through the blog,
not a true thought was stirring,
My brain was a fog.

My thoughts were stuck on the posts with care,
In hopes that readers soon would be there.

I was going to try to do the whole poem. But I'm actually rather knackered, and attempting to keep up a dippy rhyming scheme is killin' me. Sorry. Any takers on finishing the rhyme?

Okay, so... I don't know about anyone else, but... I'm in a definite "Scrooge Mode" this particular year. I'm looking forward to this crazy time finally being finished. Gah. It's probably a mixture of My Lady working at the significally horrific, illogical, terrible, hideous, over large, edifice... Also known as the Mall of America, and in so doing, has very little of the "Holiday Spirit" herself, thus infecting me with even more disdain for my "fellow human" during this season. And the second ingredient to my discontent? The lack of snow. The weather-folk keep saying, "Well it's a white Christmas, I mean, it DID snow." This is bull-caca. It's vaguely 'slushy' outside. I can see lawns. It's brown and crappy outside. That's not a White Christmas, it's at best a "yucky Yule" or some such thing. Och weel...

To attempt to get myself out of today's funk... I decided to do a linky day thing...
  • My favourite cartoon when I was a teen, was Calvin and Hobbes. Calvin was a delinquent child in such a wonderful over the top sort of way... And since I was a geek and a nerd, and never drove my mother to distraction... (unfortunately a true statement. Gods was I boring.) I found a fun "release" in reading about Calvin and his imaginary friend Hobbes the tiger. Okay, long lead-in, sorry... Anyhoo... The LINK is a wonderful collection of some of Calvin's best snowmen/art. It's fun, trust me.
  • For those of you who would appreciate something "edifying" to view, I offer this: The History of Religion in 90 seconds, a flash movie.
  • And to finish, something in between those two extremes... Art/Animation and a rather sharp concept, if I do say so myself! It may take a bit to load, but it's worth it. Doll Face. Please believe me.
  • 'Cause I'm fairly certain many of my readers may actually faint, if I don't put something political in my blog entry today, I'll stick this up. In the NY Times this morning was a redacted opinion-article by Flynt Leverett, a former senior director for Middle East affairs at the National Security Council and a senior fellow at the New America Foundation; and Hillary Mann, a former Foreign Service officer, participated in the United States discussions with Iran from 2001 to 2003; wrote an Op-ed piece about the U.S. government's relationship with Iran's government in the past few years. Long story short: They wrote an opinion piece based on their own experiences. The CIA publications department "Okayed" the rough draft, and then suddenly, illegedly, the White House gets a bit pissy, and... It's suddenly chock-a-bloc full of "Classified" information. Hmm... Well, read the comment, and the original "redacted" piece here: What We Wanted to Tell You About Iran
Ger. Stuff like that just gets my ire all riled up.

Well, I'm not sure what's going to be happening the next few days leading up to Christmas, and it's aftermath. I hope to see you all here again soon!

-- Tuckmac