Friday, December 15, 2006

Linky Day Friday, oh, and a short Rant.

Hi me wee droogues (as My Lady) would say...

Well, it's Friday, and I'm at work. Yep... I was quite ill earlier this week, and thus missed my Wednesday shift, so... I am working today, in order to keep my "sick days" from being used. Smart huh?

Anyhooo... It's a Linky Day, so let's begin!
  • Okay, now I am sure that we're destroying the world slowly. Get this: Wisconsin man bags deer with 7 legs. I mean... SEVEN LEGS? And the poor thing seemed to be a hermaphrodite too! man.
  • Can I just say... LIGHT FRICKING RAIL NOW please? Man... I can't believe we have to wait so bloody long for the bloody thing... I want it NOW. (Especially as the flats my Lady and I are moving into in Feb. would be RIGHT next to the tracks... Quick trips to either downtown Minneapolis or St. Paul? Oh YEAH baby!
  • Okay, so... is anyone else really freaked out about this? Fifth Body Found. I mean... Britain isn't really known for it's 'serial killers,' is it? Damn... Glad I don't know anyone who lives in Suffolk. Or, I should say... I don't know any 'prostitutes' in Suffolk. Gah.
  • Okay, last item for today... Why do we bloody well CARE that Wills is an officer now? Do we actually give a rats ass that the prince is an officer now? And according to my news tracker, there's like 500 sites that are reporting this this hour. And now, of course, I'm bloody well reporting it. Damn. What the hell is WRONG with me???
Well... Shite. I guess that's it for today folks... It's been a slow day.

Oh wait... One Quick Rant:
John Sununu was on NPR this morning talking about Iraq, and the bloody "Bi-partisan Iraq Study Report" thinggummy. Okay, that's fine... Let's get yet ANOTHER bloody Senator's feelings and thoughts about the bloody thing... But... What is it with the "Republican Party Line" about Iraq? Seriously, what the hell? It's always the same: "We want Iraq to be a free democracy, and for the people to vote in their own government, be safe, share oil, etc... etc... etc..." You DUMB FREAKING BUGGER... Listen... Iraq did vote in their own government... And they don't WANT freedom of religion, and they don't WANT peace with each other and the Sunnis and Shiites will conTINue to kill each other, and that's what they bloody well WANT TO DO! Not the most "brilliant" plan, was it? You know, to let a whole buncha people that don't actually LIKE capitalism to vote for a representative government? 'Cause, like... If you wanted a "Democratic, freedom of religion, and peaceful" Iraq, you should've shipped over, like a billion Americans to "vote FOR the Iraqi people" cause... You know, they don't actually LIKE America's government!


Stupid, bloody Republicans...