Monday, January 01, 2007


With eight fine hours to spare, we finally received a "beautifying" layer of snow to hide our brown and mucky sins.

(Please note, I started with a real sentence. See, I made a resolution, and I'm sticking to it, so far, on the first day of 2007.)

With that being said, I'll move on to the real gristle of this entry.

(2nd Note: Yes, I know the proper term would be: "grist of the entry" but if you read in to my writing style a bit, you'll realise that most of what I write about is fairly indigestible and rather hard on which to chew.)

Last night, My Lady and I stayed in. Not because we're old, 'cause I may be, but My Lady is not. No, we stayed in, because most of our friends are boring (just kidding) but also due to the weather. I heard that in Britain, the weather was frightful, and we didn't have any of that sort of thing. No, not pouring rain, and gale-force winds, but snow. Glorious, magical and wonderous SNOW!

There's something about Minnesota. You see... We actually LIKE the winters. Those Minnesotans that do not like the Winter tend to leave. Us "die-hard Minnesotans" get a nice thrill out of the cold weather, and snow, and winter activities. We've had a rather dismal winter so far. Much like a British one. Rain, or not. Brown and depressing. Cold, but without the brittle below zero (F) temperatures. It's not "bracing" if one does not actually need to "BRACE" (against wind/snow/deadly low temps) when one leaves the indoors.

In celebration of the weather, I give you, my fine readers a view of my Mother's neighbourhood:

Damn, the road's already beginning to thaw!

My Mother's front yard.

Someone had a problem navigating the turn, obviously.

Icicles on the eves.

Arborvitae struggling under the weight of a bit of snow, whimpy bloody tree.

From the front "stoop."

As you can see... It's much more "attractive" with the snow covering up the muck.

Have a marvellous day today (tomorrow, and forever) folks... See you soon!
-- Tuckmac