Saturday, January 13, 2007

You know, Mr. Shrub... I got an idea:

The Shrub says critics must offer alternatives to his "troop surge" plan, and you know what? I got one right fricking here, bud:

Get the fug OUT, and admit that we've lost!

There you go, shrubbery, that's your fugging alternative to killing more of our husbands, wives, sons and daughters by sending them over to Iraq!

See... The people of our fine country gave an overwhelming response to your Iraq War in November of this past year. We. Don't. Want. To. Stay. There.

What part of that don't you and your fugging neo-cons (which have been dropping like flies, I notice) understand?

You keep harping on "Victory." Shrub, there IS no bloody victory to be had in Iraq. Okay? You fugged that one up a LONG time ago. There will be no democratic government in Iraq. There will be no "collision of parties made up from separate sects of Islam" agreeing to govern a democratic Iraq, there will BE no PEACE, Mr. President, in Iraq.

All you are doing is continuing the same PROVEN losing strategy, with which you began the war. See, the strategy hasn't worked. "We will work with the Iraqi government, and assist them in dealing with the insurgency." If you haven't BLOODY NOTICED the right-wing Muslim cleric, Muqtada al-Sadr, is a HUGE PART of the bloody freaking coalition Government in Iraq, and his PERSONAL MILITIA is responsible for the largest Shi'a insurgency in Baghdad!

There are millions of things about your so-called strategy that have been PROVEN to not work in the past four years, and simply repeating the same daft and murderous plan over and over is ridiculous.

Shrub, perhaps you haven't heard this one, but... A definition of insanity is attempting the same action over and over, and expecting a different result.

Does that shed any light into your freakishly moronic brain?

Here's the alternative to your troop surge:

1. Begin staged withdrawals of our troops from Iraq.

2. Begin staged withdrawals of our troops from Iraq.

3. Begin staged withdrawals of our troops from Iraq.

4. Admit to the American people, and TO THE WORLD, that you were wrong to go to Iraq.

5. Make an apology to the American people, the American Military, and the entire world, for lying, cheating and forcing an American populous to fool themselves into believing you were RIGHT to go to that place, and also...

6. Admit that America is at fault for causing untold pain, torture and torMENT to the peoples of the Middle East, and say (and fugging DO) you'll pay for the rebuilding of an Iraq that MAY JUST NOT LIKE US ANYMORE, and do it with a conciliatory smile.


There's your plan. This critic has given his alternative to your fugging INSANE plan for "victory" in the hell-hole that is Iraq.

Any more bloody questions, Shrub?

-- T