Thursday, January 11, 2007

You know, it's funny...

Since I've been working evenings, I find that I miss quite a bit of T.V., and also important things, like the Shrub, blathering on about how he's going to try really hard to destroy the America I love THIS time.

(Still on my resolution... That's a substantial sentence with which to start a blog today, innit?)

I missed Mr. Shrub's address to the Nation last night. And, strangely enough, I am not currently upset about that.

I had a fleeting moment, of, well... Something like, "Oh, wasn't HE on tonight?" But really, that was it.

I got home (still with the mom - 'rent, except she's nice and all, so it's cool) and my Mother was actually rather incensed. It was kinda cute. She kept going off on what he said, and then she'd say something like, "And another thing..." and she'd keep going, and say, "And what REALLY pissed me off..." and she kept going...

You get the point.

The whole thing is... During this 'rant' time, I just wasn't.

Yep, you read that correctly... I wasn't upset at the Shrub's speech. There's several reasons for this, and I'll list them here:
  • First, they've been saying WHAT The Shrub was going to say, on the news, for the past three days. Thus, lightening any shock that I may feel.
  • Second, look... The Shrub is doing his best to end all life on earth. It's quite obvious. So, nothing the guy says really takes me aback anymore.
  • Third, people that ARE angry about his speech keep saying stuff like: "But, the Bi-Partisan Iraq Commission said this." or "The Military Commanders said this." or... Well, you get the point. Folks, for the LAST frigging time... The Shrub is THE DECIDER! He's already proved that no matter WHAT people tell him, he's going to "DECIDE" to do the exact opposite. It's really not his fault... He can't help it, he's just darn-ornery. If all the generals told him that the war would be lost if we ADDED troops, and the Iraq-commission told him that "Don't you DARE speak with Iran and Syria" Hell... He'd cut troop levels and begin to have a weekly coffee-clatch with Ahmadinejad 'cause... (play along at home now...) "He's the Decider"
So, really... Come on... We all knew it was coming. The Shrub has spoken... All hail the Shrub.


Okay, so as to NOT end on a sour note. (I'm trying to be positive, at least occasionally...) I have a few photos.

First, on January 8th, I made this photo. A few things. One: I live in Minnesota. Two: It's friggin' January. Three: Did I friggin' mention it was BLOODY WINTER HERE??? Okay... Take a look see:

A FLY, on my car, in January, in Winter, in MINNE-freaking-SOTA! (glove for scale)

Just so's you know... No. The poor thing was NOT really moving around much, so obviously it wasn't going to "fly away" or "be normal" or anything. But it's still spooky that I had a fly on my car in JANUARY.

And just so you all can see my work-space at work... Here's a little image. I've added a photo of My Lady and myself at Melrose Abbey from almost three years ago, now. Awww... Yep, still missin' her. Her gallivanting around London and the South-East, whilst I sit here at my desk workin' hard, and stuff...

Tuckmac's Desk at L.O.L.A.U.

Well, my wee little chickens!

See ya,