Friday, January 12, 2007

Linky Day Wednesday, on FRIDAY

Due to my extreme stress of being a "wifeless-husband" this week, my blog titles are failing me rather horribly.

Och weel. As you guessed from the title, I'm doing a Linky-day post today. It's gonna be a short-un, as I must CALL my beautiful wife in the next 20 minutes or so.

  • As if we don't have enough problems, the U.S. Embassy is attacked by the Greeks! What the? Anastasia, what's up with that? Wait, you're living in Britain. Okay... Sofia, what up? ;-) I think it's rather amusing to ask my Greek friends why folks in their country are attacking my country's embassy, 'cause like... They wouldn't have any more of an idea as to why right-wing nut jobs are attacking people, any more than I understand why my government is still killing our troops and others in Iraq!
  • I missed this "call in show" on the public radio today, but it's funny. Understanding people under 25. I really should'a caught this one, as My Lady and wife is one of these people. There are a few times, in my marriage, where My Lady and I come to a rather strange place of mutual-misunderstanding. See, I'm on the very bottom end of the X'ers, and she's in the "Next" generation now. I really don't get that. What happened to the "Generation Y" folks? "Millennials?" What... Generation NEXT? Please.
  • Like most Apple-techie geek type people, I've been gushing over the new iPhone from Apple. See, I'm on Cingular, I have always WANTED a PDA, but have a Mac... And also, my iPod was one of those "early ones" where my battery stopped working, pretty much right after I opened the bloody shipping box from the AppleStore. I need a new iPod, my current mobile-phone is a bottom end "flip-phone" and I'm working in I.T. now, and rather need something a bit more portable than my 17" Powerbook G4 Laptop. This stupid iPhone thing, is my dream. I mean... I actually DREAMT about the bloody thing last night! (Had a nice dream about My Lady too, but that's not appropriate for a family-friendly blog like this one.) Anyhoo... Now that some of the "Tech-orgasms" are calming down, I found a really interesting article on Wired-Magazine's web-site. iPhone calling the future. Living dreams of being connected to a web-streamed version of Nirvana, with my life/apps/and communications buzzing around me in a field of electrons is rather exciting. Och weel... The future is bright, but IN the future.
I'm off to call My Lady...

Smiles and Kittens,