Friday, February 23, 2007

The crazy lady strikes again...

Again, I've been a bit remiss in my supposedly 'daily' blog. My sincerest apologies. For some reason, finding the time to actually sit down, think about something, and then spend the time putting my occasionally verbose thoughts into a short blog-post has become a major effort for me.

So, just a quickie today, as I'm still swamped.

Speaking of the Crazy Lady Michelle Bachman, I found this link:

Bachmann: Iran has plan to turn part of Iraq into terrorist haven, from Minnesota Public Radio.

That's right... The freshman congressperson from Stillwater, MN, knows all about the inner workings and plans of the Iranian government, and feels quite free to share said intelligence with a small St. Cloud, MN newspaper.

Uh huh...


I'm so glad she's not MY congress person. I feel for my eastern Minnesotan neighbours.

-- Tuckmac