Thursday, February 08, 2007

At home... More cheese sandwiches, please.

Last night, in OUR NEW FLAT, My Lady and I spent a bit of time in the kitchen, eating, drinking and making merry with my camera... Here's a few shots (allowing you to see the lack of art on the walls, but the fact that the bookcases are full):

My Lady, and in the background, Mssr. Sorebum, our 100 year-old poseable mannikin

Me. My Lady made me say, "Tony Blair does it with monkeys, and likes it." She snapped the pic right after I finished said phrase. I think that may describe the expression. Maybe not.

Other than that... Our "Internet drought" is coming to an end tomorrow. The guy is supposed to be there some-time tomorrow to hook up our internet, etc... We can't wait. Neither My Lady nor myself are "T.V." people. However, we DO like the newspaper and/or internet news, and... We've had NONE of these items in a week! Gah!

Our poopy...

...Memnon, is coming HOME on Sunday... I'm not sure how he's going to do going from being a "house" dog to an "apartment" dog, but the darn little guy seems to handle change well. We'll be glad to have him with us.


There's a thousand things to do... So, I'd better get goin'.