Sunday, March 18, 2007

Gah... Embarassing video anyone?

I was spending a bit of time doing my typical "web-wandering" that I'm known far and wide for doing, and I ended my virtual 'stroll' by checking out my regular set of fave-blogs. The Welsh-speaking Cope said this in his latest entry:
    I know that the bread and butter of blogging is simply linking to other things, or, ideally, linking to someone else's linking of other things, but it seems a bit 2004, doesn't it? I feel this need to produce original content.
So, I decided to link to the thing that HE linked to, whilst still drawing your attention to the fact that he did find the link first. Or rather, his father did. Anyhoo...

This video made me a BIT sick, and I have to say that I haven't seen such an appalling tourist-type video in my entire life, and the fact that it's about my "home" town, well... It's even more horrific, really.

Here you go: The Twin Cities.


See ya,