Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I love my city (ies) very much

It's rather funny, but I've noticed something very strange about Minnesotans. They are weather whores! (Okay, racy way of putting it, but let me explain before you get uppity.)

I've had a large quotient of "kvetching" type blog-posts about the March snow-storms, and difficulties surrounding them. The roads, the sidewalks (pavements), snow plows, slush, freezing temps... You name it, I've kvetched about it.

And today is to be ANOTHER weather related post. However, no kvetching... No, rather glorifying in the weather!

It's beautiful outside! Gorgeous! Looking at my "MyCast" site:

I mean, it just doesn't get any better than 64°F !!!! (almost 18°C!)

I'm LOVIN' it... Much more than I would if I were eating McDonalds........

I just finished taking the puppy for a nice long walk... (He found an abandoned tennis-ball, and proceeded to carry the damn thing home) The puppy had a great time... I had a great time. Frighteningly enough, I worked up a bit of a sweat, which was lovely.

The more than two feet of snow that we once had, is now reduced to gritty little remnants of piles left by snow plows... The ground is wet (the dog is a mess) and the air shows the first promise of Spring.

Ah... Spring.

Well... That's it, folks... I'm done Cheese-sandwiching for the day.

Love to you all... Love to the world... Love.... (Gah, this Spring crap is getting to me...)