Saturday, March 17, 2007

St. Patrick's Day

As noted in the past, St. Patrick's Day is mainly a "State's Side" holiday, and not a true Irish one.

That's not to say that the Irish do NOT celebrate, but frankly... It's pretty sad. No... The big party is here in the States, due to all of the immigration in the 19th century, and also, 'cause like... The Swedes and Germans and all the other folk over here "are Irish" on St. Pats... Basically, 'cause they don't have "national" holidays in Sweden or Germany that's all about the drinking...

(German's don't really need an excuse to drink, so... They celebrate every day like St. Pats... Okay, I guess that's true of the Irish too. Hmm...)

Oh... Calm down... I'm kidding.

Anyhoo... Hey... (Here I go again) maybe that's why St. Pat's is such a huge holiday over HERE in the U.S., unlike in Ireland. It's 'cause the Irish go to pubs all the time, and the freaking weirdos over here only go once a year. Yeah... Maybe that's it.

Well... It's St. Pats. It's crazy... My Lady is working at her "pub" job today. (And last night too) because of the holiday, and I'm sure she's getting absolutely destroyed by all the drunk German-, Swede-, and yeah, a few actualy Irish- Americans that get pissed on St. Patrick's Day. I'm heading downtown in an hour, as the "St. Patrick's Day Parade" occurs in Minneapolis at 6:30pm. I'm going down there to make some photos. Then... Am I going to visit My Lady in the Irish pub where she works?

Probably not.

I don't actually DO Irish-pubs on St. Pat's. It's awful. Mainly DUE to all the German-, Swede- and "pseudo-" Irish- Americans... See... I don't need an "excuse" to go to an Irish Pub. My "Local" which actually IS my "Local" is an Irish Pub. I don't enjoy "green beer" nor do I want to wait for my pint of Guinness, hearing all the fake-ass dorks in the pub saying, "God, this beer is THICK, how can people drink this shit." and other annoying comments...

No... I'm probably just going to go to a "regular" place, and enjoy a few pints.

Well... 'Cause it IS St. Pat's... I looked all over the internet (and it's 'tubes') for a great image to post here... But I couldn't find the pic I wanted, even though I searched Google for EVER for: "Scantily Clad Guinness Girl" Check out what pops up in the Google Image Search: HERE'S THE LINK The sick mummy thing, being the first photo is scary.

So, here's a good "St. Patrick's Day" quote instead:

    ''May the enemies of Ireland never eat bread nor drink whisky, but be tormented with itching without benefit of scratching.'' -- Traditional St. Patrick's Day toast.

See ya!