Monday, March 19, 2007

I was going to write a big screed...

It's the anniversary of the 2nd war in Iraq today. (Yes, the second one... The first one was with the current occupant's daddy, 'member?)

I started going thorough a tonne of internet searches to get a nice chronology of our last four truly f'ed up years under Bushie and his tyranical rule in the U.S.

But then, I found this guy: Jurassicpork's Blog, and he did it so much better than I.


I decided to make a pictoral representation of how I feel about the past four years of war in Iraq, instead!


Oh, before I forget... Yes... Mr. President (and your jack-booted thugs) I know that you'll be able to track me down, if you really feel it's necessary. EFF YOU!


(Friends, if I suddenly drop off the face of the internet, please check Gitmo... It'll probably be my new address.)

I hate this crap. Don't all of you?

Take it easy... Give some good vibes to the soldiers and civies on BOTH sides of our conflict, as we watch our leaders do a really good job of bringing about the apocalypse.

-- Tuckmac