Saturday, March 31, 2007

Linky Day Wednesday, on a Saturday.

Greetings folks, as I'm a bit busy again today, I thought I'd throw up a really quick, like post thing.


First off though... My Lady and I had a great time last night, though... Seeing the Blue Man Group last night. My mother got the tickets somehow, and gave them to us to use. Ah, bless... Anyhoo... I had a really fun time, My Lady less so, 'cause she's British, and they don't find them as fun as Yanks do. Don't ask me why. But she still enjoyed herself, just not as much as I. It was great to have a Friday night together. And guess what... We have TONIGHT together as well! The pub's been giving her a break this weekend, and we're going to try to take advantage of it.

Okay, on with the links!
  • A great article today, by the Luddite, If You Build It, Don't Be So Sure They Will Come. Favourite line of Tuck's? "Be quick for the sake of losers like me who actually love the Sturm und Drang of city life. For losers like me who will tolerate the occasional urine-scented alley just to never have to encounter the dull, drilled uniformity of perfectly manicured lawns. The longer you wannabe suburbanites hang around town, the more you pollute the grittiness those of us in the loser community would like to preserve." -- Tony Long
  • Thank GODS for the French, I was getting a bit nervous that ultra-skinny anorexic models were SOON to be a thing of the past! Oh, no... Not in France! We can't have normal women wearing their clothes on the runway... It wouldn't be FRAWNNNCH...
  • And finally... An article that really cheesed both My Lady, and myself off... Chocolate Jesus Exhibit Cancelled. I mean... Shite... What the? Now we're destroying FREE SPEECH in the name of God? When is this insanity going to end? Honestly... Which leads me to...
A reminder...

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There... Off to do the day.

-- Tuckmac