Monday, April 09, 2007

Open letter to Normie Coleman.

Okay, the world knows I'm a bleeding-heart Liberal. Well, I admit to getting all sorts of e-mail's from various and sundry left-leaning places.

Anyhoo... I received an e-mail from the Minnesota Dem/Farm/Labor party, and it was one of those "Click here to send a petition" things.

Okay, fine... If you're really that silly, click here, and YOU can also sign the petition. Anyhoo...

You know how they always give you a 'pre-written' letter that's obviously been written by a strange lawyer guy/gal that works for the organisation in question? Then, occasionally, they give you space to "add your own comment" thing?

Well... I enjoy those. I add stuff. Here, below, is what I wrote for this particular petition being sent to my Senator:

    Mr. Coleman,

    I can honestly say that I rarely agree with anything you do in Washington. However, I do not believe that you truly wish to go against your constituents back here at home.

    We, sir, do not wish to continue the war in Iraq. It is a losing battle, we have our soldiers dying for nothing, and it's time to admit that we were wrong, the war in Iraq was a mistake, and that we should leave.

    Yes, Iraq will spiral into a horrific quagmire of death when we leave.

    Yes, we will have to admit that we lost the war in Iraq.

    Yes, Mr. Bush will look like the idiot that he is.

    Yes, you will have to admit that YOU were wrong.

    But, Senator... That's okay. We don't mind if people are wrong, here in Minnesota. I realize that you're not from here, you're actually from New York... And ya, they aren't very forgiving over there. But in Minnesota? Heck... We'll forgive anyone, but you know what? You have to admit that you did something wrong. THEN you're forgiven, we're strange that way.

    It's something that the people of the United States should be doing soon. Apologizing to the world, admitting we were wrong, and then moving onward to better things, to more peace, to a friendlier world.

    You know... After Mr. Bush leaves.

    If you wish to stay where you are, being a Senator, having the political-dream sort of life that you have? You may want to re-think your blocking of the spending bill.

    Just some advice, Mr. Senator. I actually think you're a pretty good guy, for a Republican. Of course, you used to be a Democrat, so... That's probably why you're not so bad.



Well... I'm off for the evening. Ta!

-- Tuckmac