Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The preponderance of "Social Networking" sites.

It's weird, but the past few weeks, I've been barraged with the "Social Network Site" thing. Here, Here, and now a friend has also brought up "Facebook" in a comment, strangley enough, located in my MySpace account.

It all started with MySpace for me. See... I've been blogging for a LONG time, but there's many people who weren't as into the "web" as myself in those days... And up and comes a site called MySpace, which started out as a musician's social-networking site, but opened itself up to mainly 13 year-olds with skin conditions. But I digress...

As many of my friends from Britain, and elsewhere, were not 'bloggers' but rather, MySpacers... I joined MySpace to 'keep in touch.'

Then something weird happened. I was sent a 'hi-5' by one of my Brit contacts... Gah... Okay... I'll join that one too.

Then another person Tagged Me and so... Again... I go off and "sign up" for that. I've never been Friendstered as if that is a word, but I'm sure it's not long before I am.

Anyhoo... What I'm getting at is this:

I don't WANT to join anymore damn "social sites!"

I mean, it's getting ridiculous! If I keep this up, signing into fifteen "social sites" a day to keep up with all the disparate people I know... I'll lose my actual social life, and it's pretty sorry as it is!

I realise that MySpace and Facebook are the big ones, now a days... But I'm also conflicted.

I work at a college/university. Do I sign up under THAT school (as many of my students wish for me to do) or do I sign up under my gradschool in England? Or do I go back in time to the three, (count them) THREE undergraduate universities I attended?

Why can't all you people PICK ONE, and let's ALL bloody well go THERE, and quit with all the bloody different LINKS?????????????

I love you all...

-- Tuckmac