Friday, April 27, 2007


Well, the House and Senate have agreed, and have sent an Iraq-War funding bill to the President for his veto, not signature.

There's been a heck of a lot of info about this affair, and much writing has been written by respectable journalists, and bloggers that are much more accomplished than I.

But, as a contrary bastid, I thought I'd throw up a couple of thoughts.

First... What an asshat. Who? Well, who do you think I'm talking about? The President of the United States... Threatening a veto, and saying the congress is all about politics.



Second... What asshats! Who? The congress. For passing a bill that basically slapped Georgie across the face.



Third... Perhaps once all this wrangling is finished, and the posturing is done... We can all get together and do something about this war. You know... Benchmarks.

What are those?

Look, the Pres and his advisors and most of the Republican ass-lickers in Congress have stated the truth for once, (which, yes, surprises me as well) that if we set DEADLINES for troop withdrawal, then the 'bad-guys' will just wait till we're gone and then take over Iraq. Now... This is true.

I personally say that we shouldn't WAIT for them to "Wait for us." I think we should just give'em the keys to the Iraqi border, and tell 'em... "Iraq doesn't want us. They obviously want you to go in and kill all of them, have a good time." But I digress...

Obviously, MOST of the American people do not want us to just hand over Iraq to the bad-guys. MANY of us don't actually care any more... But there's still a majority of folks that do. Fine.

That brings me back to "Benchmarks."

The argument the Dems keep using, is that if we don't FORCE the Iraqi's to take over their own defense, then they never will. This is probably true. The Iraqi's are having WAY too much fun beating the hell out of each other and our troops, and then BLAMING our troops.

If we say we're going to leave starting this summer. That won't work.

If we say we're staying as long as you so X then Y then Z, okay. If they DON'T do X then Y then Z, then we leave. We tell them this: "We'll stay if you do these things. If you don't accomplish "X" by August, then we'll pull all of our troops out of the Kurdish area. If you don't then do X and Y, we'll pull all of our troops out of the surrounding countryside. If you THEN don't do X, Y AND Z by December... We'll pull out of Baghdad.

See... It's still giving 'em options... It's clear. It's easy... And then it's all in THEIR hands! If everything goes tits up... Our government can safely say... We did all we could, they just didn't care about their own country enough.

I think it would work. Hopefully... After this round of 'political infighting' in Washington... And after Bush proves his "manhood" by vetoing the bill... They'll get together, and start getting some bloody SANITY involved in this horrible war.

-- Tuckmac

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