Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Parents: F-bloody OFF!

Okay... Rant time...

I just came across THIS freaking story in the Star Tribune, and I'm just...


What IS it about society that seems to have so many issues taking responsibility for one's own choices/children/homes and networks? Hmm??? Why is it up to the government and industry to control what people see/hear/think and learn?

Why do parents feel that 'sex and violence' in the media is all the media's problem, instead of sitting back and just thinking for a bloody minute...

It's your kid. You CONTROL them. You have the ultimate and first-responder's charge for your child.

Stop using the bloody telly as a babysitter and start paying attention to the porn your kid is finding on-line.

DO use a V-chip in your telly. They are installed in MOST of the bloody boxes-o-braindeath lately.

DO use pop-up blockers and 'safe-search' in your browsers.

If you don't know what these bloody things are... THEN LEARN! You're KIDS know what it is, so should you!

Stop expecting the rest of our society to take care of your kids that you're obviously too USELESS to do yourself! If you can't take care of your own children maybe you shouldn't have had sex in the first bloody place!

You know, there's quite a few of us OTHER folk out here that do NOT have children, nor do we want any, because we know how much work they are. We're not willing to give up our careers or our happiness to raise a kid.

You DID. You decided to get bloody-preggers and you birthed a child upon this dirty war-infested rock. Now DEAL with it. Get with the program... Learn about technology, and take some bloody responsibility.


-- Tuckmac