Thursday, December 20, 2007

We're stayin' put!

Great news was had by all this evening...

My Lady and I have been fretting for almost three weeks now, about our future living arrangements. See, if you didn't know, we live in a subsidised "artist" rental. Part of the "subsidisation" is that there's an income cap. You can't make MORE than that cap, and stay in the flats.

Well... That's not entirely true. After six months, you could win the lottery, or do really well in the art world... Like, um... Diablo Cody (Writer of the amazing film Juno that I spoke about a few posts ago...) and suddenly hit it extremely BIG, and yet... Still be allowed to stay in the flat.

Well... We are hedging around the cap... I'm doing pretty well, but not STELLAR in the money department, and My Lady... Well, she's still working at the 'odd gallery' as a Manager of the Volunteer Programs, but... Um... Yeah, like we don't get paid THAT much.

But... It was close. Too close.

So... Here we were, sweating... Wondering if we were going to get chucked out of our home, come January 31st, or... If we'd be staying. To add to the worry, our trip back home to Britain is Jan 15 - Jan 30th, so... It was going to be really interesting there, trying to find a place to live, and move in the next two and a half weeks.


We're fine. I came home to a letter tucked into our doorway, saying that, and I quote:
    "We have completed your recertification paperwork, and lease, and need you to come and sign the final documents!"

So... I've signed the lease... We're waiting on My Lady (who happens to be working tonight) to sign her bits, and... We're good for another year.

Man... I can't beGIN to describe the relief.

Needless to say... I've had a few celebratory drinks... Hic.

Smiles to all our well wishers... Your vibes helped.