Saturday, December 08, 2007

Linky Day Wednesday (Saturday Edition)

It's been a bit of a long week, but not a 'bad' week, regardless. I'm in a fairly good mood, although I have barely seen My Lady all week, outside of visiting her at the The best pub in Minneapolis, which is also where My Lady works.

Anyhoo... I thought I'd throw up a quick "Linky Day Wednesday" today, as I've been fairly remiss in my 'amusing link' posts, as of late.

So... Without further ado the list:
  • Today's post was actually seeded by this particular find on-line today: Prince Phillip's 15 best quotes. You see... My British readers will probably know of Prince Phillip's verbal gaffes, but I'm not sure about my Yankee readers... Yes... There is someone as miserable as OUR president at opening mouth, and inserting foot.
  • I'm not sure if this is a 'real' thing, or if someone photoshopped it. However, it is rather amusing, and as I'm all about my amusing finds, I post it here: Google has opinions. Tee hee....
  • This next link, is a group of photos that 'wax political' so that I do not have to do so myself. Thanks street-artists!
  • There's times when the human race actually makes me feel less depressed about our current lives. Usually, it's when a whole bunch of folks get together to help push a trapped beached whale back into the ocean, or other examples of human altruism. (Small caveat: I tend to believe that a whale that 'beaches' itself is trying to commit suicide, and that by pushing the poor bugger back into the water, we're making the whale think to itself: "I'm such a failure, I can't even KILL myself properly." But I digress...) Back to the actual link... A bear got freaked out, and the photos tell the story.
  • This is for any math-geeks out there... No, this cartoon would never happen in real life. You are doomed to be alone. Unless you get a job programming for Google. In which case you'll be so rich, at least a few really shallow women may actually pursue you. Don't hold your breath though.
  • And finally, a really cool 'art type' on-line program that pulls photos randomly from Flickr, and creates an automated-infinite 'film' that feels pretty avant-garde. I was quite impressed. Depending on the imagery it pulls, it can be sexy, or silly, or just plain weird. Hope you like it.
Well... That's it for the day. I have to go start being the proper house-husband, and do the laundry, dishes, and make the bed.

Have a great weekend, readers.

-- Tuckmac