Sunday, October 14, 2007

Boy am I in a mood...

The post where Tuckmac discusses his weird emotional makeup, and the occasional fallout that results.

Tuckmac in a funk...

I'm in a mood today. A really rotten mood. I'm not certain where, why, or how I became pissy today, and I'm just really hoping I can break out of it soon.

I can honestly say it wasn't the circumstances of the day. I mean... I was doing house-work sort of stuff, but generally I get in a good mood due to that sort of task. I was able to get all the laundry done, iron, and even hand-wash a favourite jumper.

My Lady assisted with all sorts of things... Dishes, dog-walking and she even made bread. (Which smells delightful, and is seriously hampering my ability to concentrate, due to the wonderous smells that are created during such an occasion.)

And yet... I'm pissy. I mean REALLY out of control... Everything sets me off... Everything. The dog itching his ear has earned him a rant from yours truly... My Lady standing too close to my ironing board... ME. Just me, taking too long in the shower today made me angry at myself!


All of this is also not due to lack of sleep. I was able to get a full eight hours of sleep last night, which is, to be quite honest, unprecedented in the last three months.

We went out to the pub last night, which in general is a reason for celebration for me, which most of you may know.

We saw lots of artwork this weekend, which again is a cause of celebratory feelings.

We made lots of artwork this weekend as well... Working on My Lady's latest project Twen: Flegling Woman of Mass Distraction this weekend. And may I say that with a model like My Lady, and a photographer like myself... Well, we make beautiful work together.

But, yeah. Still, a very bad mood.

Well... I don't know. Perhaps once this coming week is finished, I'll feel a whole heck of a lot better... See.. I'm going on a trip to Gainsville, Florida for a convention on Thursday. This is my FIRST work-related convention, um... Ever. And I'm rather looking forward to it. I'm thinking I'll learn a lot, and maybe even teach a little. You can't go far wrong there. Of course, the down-shot to all of this, is that the convention is in Florida. Which I know, to my British readers, is like... America.

(Aside, the sentence above is a joke. It's referring to the fact that when an American runs into a Brit back in England, generally they'll hit you with the fact that, "Yes, of course, I've been to America. I've been to Orlando, Florida." When you nicely ask them if they'd ever been anywhere else than that... They usually give you a strange look, as though all they'd ever need to SEE in the States is that one freaking place in Florida with Disney World. Gah. I've never really tried to explain to Brits why I'm not really sure if they should be allowed to say that they've "BEEN TO AMERICA" by simply visiting one horrifically small and shite place in my country. I've tried to give them the example of me saying... "Well of course I've been to England... I've been to Hull." But they still don't seem to get it. Och weel...)

I'm sure that I'll survive.

And now that I've bored all of my fine readers with this rather HORRIFIC piece of doggerel... I'll let you get on with all of your lives...

Thanks for reading.

-- Tuckmac