Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Just another Linky Day Wednesday

Okay, so I'm actually writing this on a Tuesday, not on a Wednesday. I have two things to say to you 'kvetchers' out there... One: You're probably reading this on Wednesday or even later, 'cause it's late Tuesday. And Two: Since when have I followed the whole "links on Wednesday" thing anyway?

Okay... That being typed, here we go!
  • Thank goodness for Flash Photography!
  • I'm not saying that my time at work is filled with meetings where THIS would be handy, but... It's really rather apt for just about anywhere isn't it?
  • Okay, it's from a Russian site, and frankly, the 'advertising' leaves a bit to be desired, or... It doesn't leave much to be desired... It sorta depends on you. Anyhoo... Here's pictures of some of the best low-light 'light drawings' I've seen!

  • Does anyone else see this woman:
    and just think... Zoe????
  • Some photos are APT aren't they?
  • To heck with MySpace, here's my NEW social-web spot... Bugger OFF!
    • That one REALLY made me laugh.
  • It's old, but it's something that I admit I wouldn't be completely against... California withdraws from Union. I mean... How great would that be???
  • Some are fake. Some are real. All are disturbing.
  • This last one is for my friend Gene (who sadly has no web-presence)... I spent four YEARS trying to find this somewhere, and darned if I didn't finally just 'stumble' upon it... The Gashlycrumb Tinies
Well... There you have it... Strange esoteric stuff... From the mind of Tuckmac.

-- T