Monday, October 01, 2007

Ever get that weird 'fuzz' around everything you see?

I was up extremely late last night.


And I'm at work today... I made it in on time (I was actually the first person in the office today) and I walked the dog before I left, showered, had coffee... Everything.

But even though I've done all the 'normal' things that one is supposed to do in the morning, including getting to work on time, I'm feeling really, um... Off.

Everything's a bit fuzzy. There's kinda nifty aura-like shiny things, surrounding people that I see. I'm not sure if my lack of sleep has made me psychic and able to see auras, or if my eyes have just gone completely wiggy. I'd like to think the former, as it sounds so much more 'cool' than just having some left-over eye-smutz obscuring my vision.

Och weel...

Folks... Do not get into extended discussions with your partner at 1:00am, when one must be awake by 5:00am. Not that you all didn't already know that, but... Yeah.

And um... Yeah.

Flights are shite, you know that? We spent hours last night attempting to find affordable flights to Britain for January. I mean... Eight-hundred bucks PER PERSON round-trip to England in January?

Please! Who wants to go there in the winter... I say this as a Minnesotan, who's quite used to having really horrible winters... But... Going to Britain in January, is much like a Floridian going to Minnesota in January... It's just a rather daft thing to do. Hence, My Lady and I going then you see... No one should want to go... So the flights should be really cheap... And yet...

$800.00 PLUS per Person...


The search for cheapness continues.

We're really giving it a college-try folks... Hold on... No firm dates yet.

But we'll get there.

-- Tuckmac

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