Thursday, August 16, 2007

Linky Day Wednesday, again, wrong day:

I was going to post a "Linky Day Wednesday" yesterday on the actual Wednesday, but I got busy. Sorry. But here I am THIS week... All set to blow your minds, or at least not anger you too much, I hope.
  • This one is mainly for My Lady, but I know others who will enjoy it's unique marvellousness. It's a bit hard to 'credit' this image, but I'll do my best.... OBEY, from Photobucket user khereva. Cheers for it. I laughed.
  • Okay, a pithy graffiti artist is probably on the top of the list of folks that cheese off the police. Great Graffiti
  • He calls it the "Worst Album Covers Ever?" with a 'question mark' in it??? YEAH they're the worst covers ever. But truly, they're a collection of SOME of the worst Album Covers Ever!
  • F Minus is a wonderful cartoon. Here's a good one. Muahahahaha.
  • Okay, really... The best one is the last one. IMHO. Things you don't see everyday
  • Okay, okay... Another "SPAARRRRTTTTAAAAAAAAA" joke. But it was original, so... Yeah. This is Sparta
Well, that's it for today. Have a great night!

-- Tuckmac