Monday, August 13, 2007

Physically ill, but... Really great mood!

"Whoa," you say... "How can you be feeling like crap, and yet be in such a glorious mood, Tuckmac?"

I say this:

Karl Rove, Bush's Brain, to his detractors; 'The Architect", as Bushy calls him, has resigned.

I'm still trying to wrap my head around this. I mean... Why? Why did Rove decide to quit right now? I'm really curious. Is there something that we, as Americans, don't actualy KNOW yet, that will be really scandalous? I hope so... I really do.

Also, now that he's no longer working (or not after August 31st, rather) Congress will be able to subpoena the bastid, and when he uses "Executive Privilege" to try to get out of it... They can get him with "Contempt of Congress" charges. See... When he's actually IN the office of the 'Man' then he's completely safe. However, Congress could (technically) get on him, once he leaves employment.

Of course... The law is fuzzy, and lord knows with our "current" limp-dick Democratic Congress that nothing will actually happen.

But it's fun to dream.

It's sorta like buying a lottery ticket when the PowerBall gets up over 100million. You KNOW you're not going to win it. I mean, the chances are SO slim... But... You still buy one, and then have really nice dreams that night before the drawing, just thinking about how wonderful it would be to win it.

Anyhoo... Yeah. I'm happy the fugger is out of office.

As to me being ill... Let's just say that it's a recurring complaint, and although it's not as often as my Lady's monthly-visitor... Well... This is a heck of a lot more painful and embarassing.

We'll just leave it there. I'm going to sit here doubled over, and try not to cry.

Smiles and Kittens...

-- Tuckmac