Friday, August 10, 2007

I heard it, but I didn't believe it.

Okay, so... I'm really really fucking pissed OFF right now.

Why? 'Cause of this:

What is this?

This is the voting roll-call for the VERY controversial extension of wiretapping anyone Bushie WANTS to wiretap. That's what this is. Yeah... See... This whole "Patriot Act" thing was being fought and over-turned by the courts... Spying on citizens USED to be illegal if the cops/gov/Feebs didn't have a warrant. And to get one of those things, well... You sort of had to prove that the person in question merited being watched. You know... Dodgy deals in the banks... Money transfers to parts unknown (like... Oh... Iran, or something)... Actual STUFF that the Government thought that you may be doing. And it worked. The Feds would go before a judge, say, "We have reason to believe that this person is a terror-supporter, and we'd like a warrant to wiretap them, to see if they are bad-guys or not." The judge would look at the evidence, and make a decision... Yeah, go ahead, or... No, you don't have the right to do it. Now... We all know that the judges probably just rubber-stamped these requests without really reviewing the evidence of "evil-do-ing" but... You know... There was still a bit of oversight.

Congress... MY congress... MY SENATOR, Amy Klobuchar, ran on anti-Iraq War, anti-Patriot Act, the DEMOCRATIC Senator from Minnesota... VOTED YEA to support extending the powers of our already corrupt administration... To give the shit-hole Whitehouse the power to wiretap and spy on any American WITHOUT burden of proof!

What sort of bloody country IS this ANYWAY????? I thought we believed in freedom and rights of the citizens and people in our country.

Obviously not. The "Rule by Fear" government has TRULY taken complete and total control of my country.

I'm actually beginning to get scared, here folks. I mean... I've been apprehensive, but... Now I'm honestly afraid.

I wrote back in 2004 (damn, can't find the link) that the "Jack Booted thugs were going to come to your door and kick it in, and take you away with a bag on your head" in response to my stupid country-folk voting in Bushie the second time.

I was angry.

I exaggerated.

But now...

Was I REALLY exaggerating? Was I actually just using hyperbole in my writing? Is it true? Are we heading towards the day that soldiers, dressed in black, kick in Tuckmac's door, and 'extraordinary rendition' me to Syria?

Man... This is bloody-well horrible.

And I have one thing to say to YOU Ms. Amy Klobuchar... FUCK YOU you FUCKING TRAITOR TO YOUR CONSTITUENTS! I thought you had a back bone. But now I see it was just BUSHIE'S ERECT DICK SHOVED UP YOUR ASS HOLDING YOU UPRIGHT!

-- Tuckmac

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