Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Cheney, the two-faced bastid...

Every now and again, I receive a 'fund-raising' message from They send something highly inflamitory, you know, to get one's juices up... Then ask you for money. Now, folks... I'm all about being involved in the political process. I espouse the need for an informed and educated electorate. But... I'm not going to spend my money on this stuff. I think there's too much money floating around in politics as it is!

That being said... Today I got an e-mail from the MoveOn folks, and DARN if I didn't wish I had a bit of cash. Check this shit out:

Now, the thing that gets me, is how calm and cool and well ordered Cheney's argument is about why the first Georgie Bushie didn't go into Iraq, after "Desert Storm."

Everything this man said the second time around is a blatant LIE, and we actually have PROOF!

I love YouTube.

Just 'cause it's cheeky to not put the "fund-raising" link on my blog for MoveOn, I will do so... But don't feel as though you HAVE to click it, 'cause hell... Again, I'M not giving any money to 'em. Money Link

I hate my government at the moment. I really do. 523 days left of the current 'asshat' in the Whitehouse, folks... And it seems so far away, yet. Damn.

See ya soon!

-- Tuckmac