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I wanted to get it right, so I looked it up on my Mac's 'Dictionary' thinggummy...
    hypocrisy: noun (pl. -sies) the practice of claiming to have moral standars or beliefs to which one's own behavior does not conform; pretense.
Yeah... Hypocrisy. That seems to be something that, although our press in the States will sort of 'hint around,' they just seem to completely avoid coming right out and saying it.

The 'Moral Majority,' 'Christian Right,' Republican officials just bloody well FLOAT in it.

Just Google: Republican Hypocrisy and see what comes up!

Other's have written more, and better about this subject that I am able to do, however...

I just want to kvetch a bit, okay?

When are all the dippy folk in "Amr-ca" (sorry, bad approximation of how Bushie says his own country's nick-name) going to just sit back and fucking THINK?!?!?!?!

I mean... It seems like just about once or twice a month, there's another one... "Gay Marriage is bad... It destroys the American Family..." He was found in the Washington D.C. Madam's little black book... Or Craig... Diddling gay men in my own international airport was all about "Christian Values" and "Gay's destroying American Families" and what happens?



Some dippy fuck-wad of a congressman from Idaho (by the way, it's not even worth visiting the place... There's a few nice views to be found, but no real civilisation, nor actual reason to go there) who's been spouting off about the evils of the "homosexuals" gets caught actually BEING one of them... And...


He resigns, and that's it. Nothing...

I mean... There's a few Republican's that originally supported the war in Iraq, and since then have come around to reality, and said, "Hold on... It's a quagmire. The Iraqi's aren't doing anything, our kids are being killed over there, and just hold on... Bush lied about intelligence."

So... They voted to pull the troops out... (Only four members in the House of Reps did this by the way) and instead of other American's saying... "Jeez... You know... They just may be right..." We instead get a, "disloyal, wrong, not speaking for American's" etc... Etc... Etc...

YEAH THEY BLOODY WELL ARE, YOU STUPID ASSHATS!!! They're NOT disloyal... They're speaking the bloody TRUTH!

The fact that we all know they're lying about their original standpoint, and never really bought the whole "yellow cake uranium, Saddam is evil" sorts of things, and yet originally supported the war anyway... Well... Now that they're coming around to reality... They're being attacked... NOT by their constituents, no... But by their 'Party' on the National level. See... If a congress-person or senator actually does what we, the VOTERS, ask them to do... The parties go freaking CRAZY, and try to replace them with sheep that will continue to follow the party-line.

The party-line which seems to think Gays are evil, yet diddling little boys in the congressional offices are just fine.

(Yeah, that happened, but I didn't bother to find the link... Sorry, I'm in mid-rant, and that takes too long... I'm sure if you really wanted to find the news, look up something like "congressional interns, congressman, fucking little boys" or something like that, you'll see the story...)

I digress.

Look... I'm a Liberal. Everyone that reads this blog knows that. I loathe the Republicans. I loathe Conservatives... I LOATHE rich fucking asshole hypocrites that don't want to be taxed, but still assume the bridges our scrimping and saving crippled goverment builds, will stay below their cars, and not dump them in the Mississippi River...

The difference between a Liberal and a fucking Conservative, is the "NIMBY" factor... Tax OTHERS, use OTHER money, kill OTHER people... Just leave me alone sort of complete BULL SHITE pisses me the FUCK off.


I can't believe what our world has come to, in today's day and age.

Can YOU folks? How long are we going to be willing to let the corporations own our representatives in government? How long are we going to let adulterers and paedophiles run our country?

If you are a Republican you are one of two things.

1. You're very rich, and don't get what the regular human lives thorough. You go to church, and learn to "help the poor" and "love everyone" but you do the opposite, 'cause it's uncomfortable for you to admit that everyone... EVERYONE deserves to live the life that YOU fucking well have... And the only reason they DON'T is 'cause you and your buddies have done every freaking thing you can to destroy them, and to keep them away from your freaking country club....

or the second:
2. You're an idiot. You believe everything you hear. You believe that gays are evil 'cause some fuckwad sheep-herder 2000-plus years ago had an issue with the shepherd on the other hill and his boy-friend... Had delusions of grandeur, and said that he was speaking for some un-attainable and all knowing god...

Either way... You're a bloody waste of space, and as soon as all the poor people (you know... The 93% of the Earth) finally figure out how much better their lives would be WITHOUT your fucking presence on Earth....


Don't say you weren't warned.

And, hey... Before you're thinking that I'm calling for a revolution where we wipe your kind off the face of the Earth... Realise that I will be joining you in the pyre, due to my education and life-style.

Yeah. That's right. I'll be dead TOO 'cause of you... 'Cause when the revolution happens, they're going to destroy EVERYone that is better off then them... That's what EVERYONE in America is, you know... Better off than pretty much everyone else on the bloody planet.

Damn... Thanks for killing me and my wife. Bastards.


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