Monday, October 15, 2007

Okay... News. Good news.

I want to apologise to family and friends for this rather abrupt notice...


My Lady and I just bought tickets (it's 3:30am BST, 9:30pm in Minnesota) to Britain.

Yeah... I know that a week and a half ago, I penned, er well, typed, a rather dire notice that flights were TOO expensive, and there didn't seem to be any way for us to come over (go over) to Britain this coming January.

Well... The flights just dropped from $870.00 USD a person to $633.00 USD a person.

We didn't want to take a chance that this was a blip... So... We bought them.

(Of course, I'm a cynical bastid, and so I'm thinking they'll hit $350.00 in a few weeks, but... Och weel)


We're coming home. We'll be landing at London, Gatwick at 9:15am on my Birthday, Jan. 16th. (Nice Birthday prezzie, hmm???) And we'll be hanging out across the pond till the 29th of January.

Now's the time, friends... Start planning...

(Say, um... Anyone that doesn't mind a couple of friends kipping on your sofa a few days???)

Anyhoo... More news to follow, I'm sure.

-- T