Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Wow. Six months. That is a record for me.

Funny... I last posted in May of 2008. Today it's the 8th of October. That's not cool.

I know that no one will actually SEE this post, as you're all not checking here anymore. And I'm not sure why I'm writing.

Why DIDN'T I write?

Well... I'm living in the States now, and as you all know, the election is on. It's been on forEVER.

I have lost all hope for my country. Most of my friends... Most of the bloggers I still read... Most everyone has hope.

I don't.

McCain is going to win. Why? 'Cause our country is seriously screwed up. And I just haven't had the gumption to write about things. Yes... I'm still a howling liberal. Yes... I will vote for Obama.

But... You know... I keep getting e-mails from the Obama folks, and the MoveOn folks, and the DNC folks (Democratic National Party folks for my Brit friends) and... They keep asking if I will get out and stump for Obama. Make calls... Stand outside places handing out literature... Etc.

I can't.

Although I am voting for Mr. Obama, I don't like him. I don't support his centrist ideals. He's just another 'Clintonesque' fake-Democrat that is running for office.

Doesn't anyone else remember what being LIBERAL means? Obama's all about tax-cuts... We should be RAISING taxes... Our bridges are falling down... Our roads are crumbling... People are starving in the "Leading Economy in the World" (although that's rapidly going to shite)...

I'll vote for the guy, 'cause he's a SHIT load better than the Republican alternative, but... Really. Obama is easily as Republican as Ford was... It's just that the entire electorate in America both R and D are now EXTREMELY conservative... And there's nothing out there on the radar to fix it.

Damn. I love my country, but... To Paraphrase Ghandi:

"I love America, but it's full of Americans."