Saturday, December 22, 2007

Linky Day Wednesday - Saturday edition

It's that time again, the time when Tuckmac brings you cute, strange, disturbing, or just bizarre links from around the Intertubes.

  • Okay, I am pretty sure this's been around for AGES, but... I'm also fairly sure I've never linked to it before. I do love the bloke/bird that came up with this, though... Tom the cat.
  • Okay, Tuckmac gets a wee bit political here. Lately, there's been a large, well... Let's actually be true here, a BOAT-LOAD of younger progressive liberal-type kids in their twenties, supporting Ron Paul, the c*nt. Now, I just have to say that the guy is NOT a good thing for America. The last thing our country needs is to go from a bloody Fundamentalist-Rightist-Boob-Republican to a Protectivist-FarRightist-Nazi-Sneaky-Libertarian. And, luckily, there's a good Left-leaning blogger out there that did the 10 reasons that folks should NOT support Ron Paul.
  • Phew... Glad I got that political stuff off my chest. Okay, next up is a doozy. You want gross? You want camp? You want a shoot-em-up bad guys, good guys, all getting it IN THE FACE? Then you want Machine Girl
  • I adore Hugh Laurie. Adore him. And thus, when I discovered that the doctor on T.V., known as House, is Hugh Laurie... Well, I started to watch the show in earnest. Now, I'll admit, I had seen the show a few times, and I had liked it, but... Not enough to really call myself a fan, or anything. My Lady and I were watching the show, and she's all: "That's Hugh Laurie", and I look at the guy, and think... Man, she's slipped. Hugh Laurie's an English bloke, and he's a comedian, and the guy playing the role of House, looks nothing.... Like... Wait a MINUTE?!?!?!?!?!??! Okay, story over... Yes, I think it's weird that Hugh Laurie does such a good job on an American TV show... But he does. Anyhoo... Here's the funny... I actually SAW the episode you'll see in the link, and thought... Jeez could they repeat this phrase any bloody more? And then six months or so later, I found This Site and realised that I was not the only fan that thought the script writers worked themselves into a bit of a repetitive plot.
  • Are you right or left brained? Want to take a non-scientific, and thus flawed, ridiculous on-line test to find out a vague approximation of the truth? Of course you do.
  • Finally, a simple joke that I'm sure most of my British readers will get a particular kick out of... My Yankee readers, well... You'll like IT too.
Well, fine readers... That's it for today's Linky Day Wednesday, Saturday edition. Have a Happy Holiday, 'k?

-- Tuckmac

Edit (About 10 minutes after finishing this post, I realised I didn't throw up the results of MY silly unscientific on-line test. Sorry.


Edit: 18:59 CST
Fiona's just taken the "Right or Left Brained" On-line exam... Here's her results, as per HER request...