Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Is Any other American that is really sick of the bloody election crap?

I am.

Look. I get a THOUSAND e-mails a day. It's my own fault, I mean... Joining MoveOn back in the day when it was all about Clinton diddling an intern... I never stopped my 'membership' and I really probably should have. Suddenly I'm getting e-mails from Barak Obama, ACLU, and the DNC (Democratic National Committee) The problem of course, is that they all send the SAME bloody e-mail. And several of them have more than one of my e-mail addresses... How did THAT happen? So what happens, is I get eight e-mails across my accounts, and they're all about the same!


I want to be left alone!

I'm voting a straight DFL ticket. I am. I'll tell everyone on the internet. Yes... Tuckmac is voting for the Dems.


Now let's move onward. I am NOT going to cold-call voters for the Dems... I'm not going to give an already 'rich' campaign any more money... I'm not going to go door to door and stump for the Dems.

I just AM one. I will vote. Leave me alone. I'll be doing my civic duty on the fourth of November, and that's all I am going to do.


Other than that... Um... (See, I said 'ramblings' so that should mean that I'll have more than one thing to ramble about...)

Nope. I just wanted to vent about being bothered daily by the damn electioneers...

Oh... I remember... Anyone else having a similar nightmare to me?

McCain wins... The Dems go after the Republican's for voter fraud, by like the 2000 and 2004 election, the Dems kinda just do it proforma, and drop it after three days. In January, McCain is at the swearing in, and has a massive heart attack. Sarah Palin is then, in a few days, confirmed as the next President of the United States of America.

She decides to, at the same time, redecorate the Oval Office in shades of mauve and fuchsia and touches of dead animals like stuffed moose-heads and a polar bear on a stand, oh, and nuke Iran.

Russia then nukes the USA due to a treaty with Iran, we all die in horrible hell-fires of atomic warfare... And some dude in Paraguay looks up from his TV dinner and says: "Well, there went the neighbourhood."


Not a happy nightmare. But it keeps coming back!