Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cheese Sandwich time, November...

Hi folks,

Well, I was making a concerted effort to actually start blogging again, and once again... It's been weeks.

Well, since the day of Obama-vomit (also known as the day after celebrating the win of our candidate... Whoo-BOY the hangovers...) My Lady and I have been very busy. She had a show go up this past Saturday at The Soap Factory, and she needed several elements from me (as her work chronicler) so that took some time. Well, okay... LOTS of time. (Note: depending on when you read this, you may need to go HERE and click on Minimal Manimal, to see the show in question.)

Work's been a bit crazy this particular term. We continue to 'scale-up' the services at work for the campus, and we're not actually getting more employee hours. What this means, is that Tuckmac and the rest of the crew get slammed every hour we're there. I have TOO many projects going on my PERSONAL computer, let alone the student-run lab computers, and I'm trying to stay on top of everything, and generally failing. But... As per a normal educational-based job... We have time to catch up once the term is over, and the students and faculty piss off for Holiday.

Can't wait.

My Lady and I made a deal to hit a weekly music session at our favourite pub, Merlins Rest, and have failed in our promise. Our lives are just a bit too weird lately. HOWEVER... Now that her show is up, I am thinking that we may actually get the time to start going back to the session... And I can't wait.

Part of the weirdness and busy lifestyle that I've been attempting to maintain comes from the change in my work hours. During the term-time, to try to accomodate the students on campus, is that my boss and I have started doing four 12-hour days a week (and thus having one extra day off a week, mine are Wednesday's) I hear what you're thinking... Jeez... Tuckmac has a whole extra day off... He's swimming in free-time. Well, no... Actually... That is NOT the way it works. You'd be surprised how busy a Wednesday can be, when one tries to cram everything into that day... Errand running, grocery shopping, doctors appointments... Etc/ ad nauseum. So, the days are long, the day off is nice, but crazy, and Tuckmac is zonkered.

Now that the term is almost over, this will be my last Wednesday off for a while. I'm actually rather looking forward to getting home at 6:00pm instead of at 8:30pm though... It'll be nice, even though I'll be back to five days a week.

My Lady continues to work too hard, and do too much. My darling workaholic is currently at a staff meeting at the Soap, and she's also working a shift tonight at the pub. No rest for my weary kitten.

Um... Finally, I threw my back out last Friday. It was dire. I'm finally starting to feel a bit better, but there were five days there, where every inhale of my breath HURT. It sucked.

So... Yeah. That's about it. Work... Work... Work... Play? What the heck is that? More work... Work some more... Ohh... Sleep. Work... Work... Gah.

My life is really boring, which is why I tend to avoid the "Cheese Sandwich" type blog entries. So. Now that I've bored all you poor little pullets, I'm going to call it a day.

Hang on, folks... The world just may be getting better. We'll see.