Saturday, May 27, 2006



Okay, so... Most of my readers know, that I'd been living in Britain till November of 2005 for a few years.

I really rather liked the weather in the UK. I actually did. I know, I'm strange. However...

Check this out - Off my "google home page" thinggy at 2:00-ish pm.

Isn't that just CRAP! I mean... As of a few minutes ago, according to my other weather thinggy... It's 31°C in my BACK GARDEN!


Look... It's going to get hot this summer... I know that. I mean... Temps get up around 37-40° C at the Summer's worst, in Minnesota. That doesn't mean that I have to like it. I think it's bloody miserable! Gah!

Well... At least it's sunny.

Okay... Funny picture:

Memnon making a break for it.

Actually, just kidding. The dog's developed a love for digging out old tree stumps and roots. I kid you not. Anyhoo... There USED to be an old rotting stump in that hole, and now he's attacking one of the roots. Luckily... There's a fence-post in another 10 cm or so, and it's a nicely sunk post... with about a metre of concrete holding it in the ground. I'm fairly certain that Memnon's not going to be getting anywhere.

At least I hope so.

Uh... Okay, My Lady's at work. That's right... It's her "first day" as a wage-earner in the United States of Insanity.

We're both tickled. And I'm sure that eventually she's going to let people know how the job is going... So click on her blog often!

Our "exercise routine" is still happening. Please gods, and readers... Tell me that it gets BETTER! My body is pretty much screaming in agony at every minute! My Lady got me up this morning (on a Saturday no less) at 6:30 am so we could go running before she had to go to work!

7:00am RUN For chissake!

Man. However... I'm up to TWO days of running and three of yoga. Gah.

I have a request for my readers (and any deities that may be reading)... Please hope/pray/happy karmic thoughts towards me... There's a job at a certain Community College in the Twin Cities that is MADE for me... It's a great little (well, it's a good size actually) college with a sabbatical replacement needed for their photo programme. Not just that, it's also a "artist in residency" thinggy too... Meaning that not only do I get to teach my best and favourite form of art... I also am REQUIRED to DO my photography. Both of my loves... Making photos and teaching, ALL IN ONE JOB!

Sounds rough, huh?


Anyhoo... It's sort of a "dream" for me to get this position... So any "goodness" you can send my way is appreciated! Thanks!

I'm off...

Smiles and Kittens!

-- Tuckmac

Friday, May 26, 2006

Linky day today...

Okay, so... I know that I'm harping on this whole "Twins Stadium" thing...

I've mentioned that I'm upset with my legislators for funding a private enterprise without the consent of their electorate. I've talked about corporate-welfare, and the fact that I PERSONALLY do not like baseball, nor do I understand how people enjoy it either.

Anyhoo... A few more links about this issue, just to prove that I'm not the only person thinking about how strange all this is:

Ralph Nader (that's right, the guy who ran for president back in 2000, the guy who is SO "Green/Liberal" that conservatives actually get heartburn when he speaks...) Has written a letter to my Governor, Mr. Pawlenty.

Pawlenty should veto Stadium

Now, the sad thing... Is that there's NO WAY IN HELL that Pawlenty is going to veto this puppy. For all that he's completely avoided raising "taxes" throughout his term in office. (That doesn't count the fact that by cutting money to LOCAL governments, that they've had to raise THEIR taxes... Oh no... That wasn't a "tax hike" by the Gov. Nor were the added $.75 per pack of cigarettes, a TAX... NO... They were a "Health IMPACT FEE... Or some such bollocks...) But besides all that... He's going to sign this puppy... 'Cause, well... He's a SHIT head. Anything that I do not like, or refuse to countenance... My marvellous governor will sign the bill into law. GERRRRRRRRR.....

On that same topic... Okay... The legislature has "tabled" a stadium bill for the Vikings (our American Football team) and passed one for the Twins. And the one thing that everyone seems to be ignoring... Is... That the Twins SUCK! Okay... They're AWFUL... I mean... REALLY REALLY REALLY BAD!

And don't go off about "They won two World-series titles, in '87 and '90-whatever...

That was a LONG fricking time ago... I mean... Come ON folks... I remember Hrbeck and Puckett, et al... And so do MOST Minnesotans... But you know what? I can't name a SINGLE Twins Player. Not ONE. I have NO idea who's playing for my state. I've never been into baseball... But even THIS guy knew some of the players from the "old days" of glory. But now a days? Gah... I can't even THINK of one.

They're building this new stadium because according to the "powers that be..." The reason that the stands are always empty, and the Metrodome (current stadium) is killing the profitablility of the team... But a new stadium is NOT going to make a difference. It's not that the Metrodome sucks for Baseball (okay, it probably does) but the reason that the fans aren't coming isn't the dome... It's the fact that the team SUCKS DONKEY! Okay? That's why.

For a slightly less rhetoric filled and vehement statement, read this: It may take more than a new field to fill Twins stadium.

Okay... Once again, Katherine Kersten has convinced me that the world is ending. Not like her buddies, the crazy Christian-Right ministers that speak of the apocalypse by God's righteous wrath...No...

Just the proof that Americans, and Minnesotans, in specific are going to hell in a hand-basket. Pardon the pun. But seriously... The fact that the No. 2 rated station for morning radio is a CHRISTIAN talk-show... Well...I makes me question my own existence as a regular Minnesotan. See...

I brought my wife from a fairly normal, comfortable existence in the UK, to a place that I claimed (at the time) was a great Democratic/Liberal state, with normal people that were socially leaning, and basically good. And since we've moved here... I've come to discover that I was completely wrong. Minnesota is turning into a haven for the conservatives, and it's making me really question my decisions about moving back to the United States. I mean... I always said that I wasn't terribly fond of the government in my home country. But you see... I always had "Minnesota," the state that I was from. The one state in the country that voted for Mondale against Reagan. The Dukakis State... You know... No matter what... Minnesota would vote for the Democrat against a Republican candidate for the President. Oh... We may have a Republican Governor every now and again... But in general... We were a great "Liberal Bastion Against the Conservative Right, and Evil."

Not anymore.

What are tickets to the UK running at the mo'?


Okay... Again.. To end on a good note... Since I seem to have so FEW of the buggers...

Robot Chicken's "Darth Vader and Son Talk" This is great... As it pokes fun at ALL of the inconsistencies and strangeness of the whole "Star Wars" saga. Muahahhahahahaha.

I'm off like a prom dress....

-- Tuckmac

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Hmm... Fromage Croissant Blog

Sorry folks... Just a boring "what's up" sort of entry today.


What to tell you... Okay, first off...

I thought that I'd be getting "another go" at the Pearson Scoring Centre in Brooklyn Center.

Well... I went yesterday, and did the "training" and... When I hit the qualifying round (to prove that I could "score" the way California wanted me to) I failed miserably.

I sucked the BIG one...

So... I am NOT working at Pearson for the next few weeks... Meaning that I'm completely UN-employed, and on the market again.



Since I'm at "loose ends" at the mo'... I thought, heck... Time to get healthy. Yep...

My Lady and I did a great hour of exercise today... I did some yoga for the first time in WAY too long, and Fi worked out on the big "exercise ball" thinggy. Then we went out for a run.

Let me tell you... There's nothing more amusing than seeing a 33 year old guy, who hasn't run since high school, trying to keep up with his young 20-something wife.

Anyhoo... I'm actually feeling pretty good. I was able to keep up with my wife BARELY, and I'm happy to start getting back in shape.

It's really sad... Just "living" in Britain made me extremely fit... And in the six or so months I've been back in the States... I've become a LUMP!

So... Back to work... Get my bod in some shape, and make other women (besides my Lady) drool over me...


That's it for today folks... Wish me luck!

- Tuckmac

Monday, May 22, 2006

And reason four hundred and seventy six...

Reading the Star and Sickle this morning, and came across my favourite columnist, Katherine Kersten. Her commentary, Minnesota: More a Purple State than a Blue State now depressed the hell out of me.

(note to my international readership: Blue = Democrat/Liberal; Red = Republican/Conservative. I know it's flip-flopped in Britain, in colour.)

My home... The state of Hubert Humphrey is becoming a bastion for the Religious-Right, the cut taxes and STILL spend, the intolerant, the wrong and the sick... Otherwise known as the Republican Party. For my British readers... It would be like the North of England suddenly switching from it's Labour/Mining past and becoming the home of the fucking Tories. I just don't know how to deal with this poll.

Suicide is out, but...

Anyhoo... Yet ANOTHER nail in the coffin of Minnesota is how my "Dem. Senate" completely BUCKLED to the Republican House of Reps, and allowed the WORST of the stadium bills to pass. That's right... (Minnesotan Governor) Pawlenty will sign stadium bills this week. So... All of my ranting... All of my ire, and the letters that I sent to my representatives in the Minnesota congress all failed.

Fucking Minnesota. Fucking politicians... Fuck, fuck, fuck... Fuck-ity Fuck fuck.

Ger... You know... Speaking of politics. Whilst at the (towards the bottom of the link) "Book Signing" with my fave author, John Sanford... He spoke about political-movements and groups. He's using an idea in a book of his... But anyhoo... This is "paraphrased" from what he said, but it's an interesting way of looking at things.

He said basically that Communism is "Socialism" taken to it's totalitarian roots, and that our only "vague" democracy taken to IT'S totalitarian roots would be Monarchy, and that Fascism is just Populism taken to it's totalitarian roots.

The scary thing, is that the U.S. seems to be heading towards it's totalitarian roots... And there's only two outcomes... One, "King Bush the Second" or... a Nazi-esque regime also, probably lead by Bush or one of the "religious-right" goonies.

We're frighteningly close to Fascism. Populism is very strong in the U.S. Our strange "patriotism" our "religious-rightism" our "racial inequalities" our "anti-immigration" and our policies towards our international friends and enemies all lead toward a "Populist" mindset.

This movement in the United States is a pile of dry kindling, just waiting for the right leader to ignite a brush-fire of Fascism.


Okay... Since I've been a bit of a downer the last couple of days... I thought I'd throw up an amusing link. Yep... That's right. Of course, it's a parody of the movie "The Ten Commandments" with Charleton Heston, so... I'm assuming it's going to piss off any right-winged religious people... You know... I just can't change THAT much. Once again, thanks to the City Pages Blotter for the link.

10 Things I Hate About Commandments

Bye for now, folks...

-- Tuckmac

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Reason number four hundred seventy five...

To not live in this crazy freaking country!!!!

Unofficial NPR (Nat'l Public Radio) poll... On the Capitol Mall (RealPlayer)

Americans, in general, have NO PROBLEM with the Government looking or listening in on phone conversations of Americans.

That's right... No problem. The culture of fear has over taken my country SO MUCH, that Americans are perfectly happy surrendering their constitutional rights in order to "fight terrorism" in the U.S.

The most common opinion: "If you don't have anything to hide, why should you care if the Government listens in on your conversations?"

The amusing thing... Is that my fellow Yanks have the balls to turn to the converse of this statement and say:

'If you DON'T want the Government to listen to your conversations, OBVIOUSLY you DO have something to hide."


Look, okay... Tuckmac's "Bleeding-Heart-Liberal" response to my OWN fellow Americans:

You are all fucking insane!

Some of the people interviewed were a bit less "forceful" in their idea, saying simply that giving up a few rights in order to combat terrorism is a patriotic thing to do.

But still, this idea, this surrendering of our basic constitutional rights, seems to THIS Liberal, to be an example of letting the terrorists' WIN. They ARE winning.

What's Terrorism? It's using terror to achieve one's political or social or religious agenda. And the loss of our privacy, the loss of our rights to unlawful search and seizure, the loss of our rights to due process (ask the American citizens that have been captured and shipped to countries for torture (rendition) how they feel about this one)... I just think that there HAS to be a line that we draw as Americans in this fight against terrorism. There HAS to be a line, a place in the sand where we say, here... NO FURTHER. The line MUST be found!

To my fellow Americans... You are under the mistaken premise that you can actually TRUST the U.S. Government to only chase after terrorists. You forget that the so called "data mining" that the NSA is doing on our phone records is collecting MILLIONS of phone calls. MILLIONS. Do you HONESTLY think that there are MILLIONS of phone calls from the U.S. to foreign terrorists? I mean... MILLIONS?

I have nothing against phone-taps used legally, with judicial approval in the search and hunt for terrorist suspects. Fine. However... You cannot TELL me that there are THAT many suspects in the U.S.

Do you know who's being listened to? People like ME. That's who. A bleeding-heart that has a foreign wife, and calls and texts and e-mails Europeans almost daily.

Obviously I must be a suspect. I mean... What American would have friends or family OUTSIDE the U.S.?


You see... I take this very personally for many reasons... First of all... I have a pretty major F.B.I. file. Yep... me. And you know what's funny... Look, my file was huge BEFORE 9/11 and I'm sure it's getting pretty scary-full now that I'm a crazy foreign-married Liberal BLOGGER!!!!

I MUST be a suspect... I just must be.


Look.... To the NSA folk reading this blog...

I am NOT a terrorist. I was raised Catholic, and my wife was raised Church of Scotland. Yeah... I have Muslim friends that live in Egypt and Jordan... But they're nice people, (one's not even that devout) and they're not terrorist's either. Okay, perhaps you won't take my word for it... But whatever.

Yeah... I have a foreign bank account... But it's only used for paying my wife's British credit card... Which is used over here for such frightening things as oil-paints or the occasional sculptural medium...

And yeah... I don't like my country very much at the moment... But I'm still pretty damn happy I was born an American.

I DO love my country... I love the landscape, I love 'most' of the people, I am happy to be an American... However, the way my country is going really, really frightens me. I wrote before about the "Jack-booted thugs at the door in the night" and you are not making me revoke that statement. How do I know you WON'T come to my door and take me, or my wife away? How can I trust you?

Trust is something that is earned and gained and frankly... You've LOST my trust, and you have done everything EXCEPT earn some replacement trust in the past four years!

To my fellow "If you have nothing to hide" Americans...

Everyone has something to hide. Everyone. Yeah, I find it amusing that the government may be listening in to my calls back to Britain... As they're hearing all sorts of things about Art college, and exhibitions, and the wish and need to see people again. But the REALLY amusing thing that I'm imagining is the N.S.A. trying to "crack the code" of my calls, assuming that "exhibition in East London" means something about illegal money transfers to "parties unknown" or some such shite.

I have a lot to hide... My life is my own... I've done "dodgy" things... Oh, nothing horrific, but... Well, vaguely dodgy. And MOST Americans have done that. Look... Occasionally I speed on the highway, or smoke withIN the 25 foot distance from the outside of a restaurant, or something... But serious stuff? Please.

I know you're listening... I know you're reading this now...

Feel free.

You see... The funny thing about privacy, is that I KNOW I don't have any. If I really wanted a tonne of privacy, would I blog for everyone and my Government to read? Probably not. But... You see... THIS is my choice. I CHOOSE to post my Liberal views on the internet. I do NOT choose to have you listen to my phone calls, or open my mail from or to Britain. And in my FORMERLY free country... You wouldn't have done those things. Now you do. And no matter what most of my scared and sad fellow Americans are saying now a days...

It's wrong.

-- Tuckmac

Friday, May 19, 2006

It's been an interesting day.

And it's not like the old curse: May you live in interesting times. No, rather it was a harmless, nice quiet and sunny day.

Oh, don't get me wrong. There were issues. I read the NY Times this morning, and spent at LEAST an hour being angry at my country, and fellow country people. I read internet stories about how the Twins Stadium has passed the conference committee in the Senate, and thus is that much closer to being a boondoggle to Hennepin (my) county. I read how my own senators (MP's sort of) buckled, and just let it happen... So, yeah, a few names that I WON'T be voting for come elections.

That's right. I live in Bloomington. I vote. Those who vote for the Twins Stadium will be on my personal "do not vote for" and "convince everyone I know not to vote for you" lists.

Anyhoo... Sorry, I digress:

Good things?

I mowed the lawn today. It's been a while since I've been able to mow due to the rather horrific "British Like" weather that we have had the past few weeks. So, it was really more of a safari through the Serengheti, rather than simply cutting the grass.

However, it now looks gorgeous, and I'm feeling pretty darn special.

Also... My Lady had to work at the Soap Factory today as an invigilator (or really, a door-guard person). And tonight, she's going out with other "Soap" folks to a party at a gallery somewhere in North East Minneapolis.

More power to her. Thank the GODS my wife is finding a social life. And I can be an old curmudgeon and read a book in my comfy chair tonight. Yay! What would that book BE, you ask???

Well... At 7:00pm tonight, I went to a local bookstore to hear a reading, and get a brand new book signed by one of my ALL TIME favourite authors, John Sanford. His new book: "Dead Watch" is out in hard-cover, and I now have a personal signed copy of this great book. I'll probably have the book finished by tomorrow morning. YAY!

And really quick, just two links today:
  • The new Apple computer commercials are hilarious. My Lady and I both enjoy these little jems, and... Well, check it out: Get A Mac Commercials
  • Captain Picard Blogs - Fictional blogs are quite fun, and as a bit of a trekker, I thought, heck...
That's it for today, so... I'm off.... Have a book to read. I hope you enjoy your weekend, fine readers.


Thursday, May 18, 2006

Hmmm.... Damn U.S. Government STRIKES AGAIN

Sorry about the disturbing title. But...

Okay, so here's the fluff... My Lady got her work-visa in the mail (post) about a month ago. So... She's been looking for work, going into various places and ACTUALLY INTERVIEWING which is something that I have not been so lucky to have happen.

Anyhoo... She needs a Social Security Number (Like a British "National Insurance" thing). One, you can't work withOUT one in the U.S. and two... You can't have a bank account without one... (The reason for this, is that the marvellous U.S. Gov. doesn't want you to have any savings or checking accounts that make interest, without being able to tax you on that TOO.) Anyhoo.... The bank was nice enough to "give her a break" and allow her to have an account, with the understanding that it wouldn't be TOO long before she GOT her Soc. Sec. Number. Well...

So... We HAVE the work visa. We're gravy, right?


I've finally finished working for Pearson Educational Measurement (Scoring essays, as I've explained before). We finished up the last project for the Spring, and I'm back in the world of the unemployed. However.... I think to myself, "Hey, I'm getting out around noon... My Lady, please go downtown, I'll meet you there, and we'll go to the Soc. Sec. office and get your card."

Man... Sounds like a brilliant fecking idea, no?

Anyhooo... First we drive around for HOURS (well, okay, only about an hour) looking for the bloody place... Finally find it after calling three different people (and getting three different directions). Go through the metal-detector, and have our bags searched by armed security guard folk... Get our number.... Wait in the queue for an hour and a half... And finally...

Get to the window, talk to the nice (if slightly frazzled) civil servant... And discover that, although Fi HAS a work-visa... She is "Somehow not in the system."



Okay... The nice (if somewhat MORE frazzled) civil servant enters all of Fi's info, takes photocopies of all the relevant documentation, and... Tells us that it'll be around four weeks before Fiona gets her Soc. Sec. Number.

So... All the jobs that My Lady has applied to... All the interviews that she's had... And any eventual job-offers that come from said interviews are now "defunct."

And... To add INSULT to injury... Her "Bank account" has been frozen today as well... Again, due to her not having a Soc. Sec. Number. That was a coincidence, but not a very friendly one.


Okay... So... That's our lives today. Interesting, no?

I'm off... To go weep into my coffee.


Monday, May 15, 2006

Only a quickie today...

And unfortunately not with my wife... But I digress.

Listening to MPR today (Minnesota public radio), and they had a great little story about the most "perfect" BBC...

The story... The BBC accidently interviewed a Congolese Cabbie instead of an expert on the internet last week. You can read the "quick" news on NPR's site here.... BBC went oopsie.

Here's the video clip from the BBC... Notice how when the interviewer says Guy Kewnie the cabbie sort of looks nervous? Tee hee...

Frigging BBC and their crappy Copyright bollocks!
Sorry folks, it's gone now.

That's it for today... Smiles,

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Yet again... I try.

Yep, I'm going to post again today, and hopefully, I'll be able to finish. It's been one of those weeks.

"Cheese Sandwich" blog, today... So warning... Do not continue reading, unless you want a bit of cuteness.

Anyhoo... I've created a new episode of "The Chronicles of Memnon" and it's a proper one. If you'd like to see it, the nice folks over at Two Artists have been nice enough to put it up on their site! So... Click here: The Chonicles of Memnon.

I thought I'd throw up a few photos of our LAST weekend, since this entire week has been quite dismal with the weather, et al.

Yeah... If you read the comments from the past week, you'll notice a certain little friend from Britain making fun of my weather over here. She's right... It's been rather horrific and, well... "British-weather-like" here in the Twin Cities, and it's not looking like it's going to get any better for at LEAST the next five days! Gah!

Anyhoo... Photos:

Me in the garden. And sort of finding the t-shirt to be ironic
I mean, do you think Armani would've expected a hoe?

My Lady, looking, well...
Have you ever seen someone so weird, and yet cute
at the same exact time? Me neither.

My lady, planting some 'erbs, in our new Herb Garden.
If you're wondering, the chicken-wire enclosure is to keep Emily's bunnies from
eating all our 'erbs. The little bastards.

Um... Beyond that... Still working at the scoring centre, and I have a few more days... Then I'm unemployed again. Great, huh?

Och weel...

That's it for now. Love to everyone, and sorry I've been so crap at blogging. Meh.

-- Tuckmac

Long time no blog.

And unlike my friend N8 I don't have the excuse of actually TRYING to cut down on my blog entries. No... My only excuse is... Um...

I'm busy?

Well... That's actually the real reason. And unlike The Welsh-speaking Guy I haven't been able to fit blogging into my daily thing after work.

And... I have to go again. Shite.

-- Tucker

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Okay, Hi there.

After my last post, I decided to wait a while before blogging again. I wasn't in a good place. I said it then, but I'll say it again... Do not post a blog when you're in a pissy mood. It's not fair to your readers. Now that I've said that... I'm sure that I'll continue to break that rule rather often. However, I'm not breaking it today. My Lady and I had a marvellous day yesterday, and I'm enjoying my Sunday so far today!

Quick "Cheese Sandwich" part of this entry today:
Woke up, took my mother to Maplewood Mall to meet up with her sister and brother-in-law for a trip to Chicago to visit their OTHER sister. Came home. Read the really bad Saturday edition of the NY Times and Star and Sickle. Did laundry. Went food shopping with My Lady to Lunds... Got dinner makings... Bought booze. Lots and lots of booze. Went to the Video Store... Rented four "signature films" Reality Bites (a "signature" for me, being I was meant to graduate from University the same time they did in the film.) Pecker (a "signature" for My Lady, as it coloured her youth, and ideas of the art world.) Rushmore (First weird avant-garde type comedy film that I ever watched, thus opening my eyes to REAL films rather than just horrific Hollywood blockbusters) And... Um... I forgot the fourth film. Sorry. Did barbecue on the grill... Salmon steak for Tuckmac, REAL steak for My Lady. (By the way, I can really make a good steak. I don't know HOW exactly, as I cannot personally eat one, but... My Lady says my steaks are great!) Had lot's of beer/wine/vodka-POMs (pomegranate and tangerine juice stuff) Watched videos... Cuddled and other "married couple things that we do when our parents or "in-laws" are NOT in the bloody house with us.... Rinse, Repeat.

I have to mow the lawn today... But after that... It's more "being with my Lady" and enjoying the house to ourselves. Yay!

Great dips... Recently created in Tuckmac's kitchen:
  • VELVEETA Mexican cheese and salsa dip
  • Guac! Which is the healthier one.

Annoying "Da Vinci Code" saga continues story:
  • Cardinal urges legal action against Da Vinci Code So, is anyone else bored with this? I mean, when the book came out... Hoopla... Evil... Blasphemy... Et al... Why can't the church just get OVER this? Seriously... It's a work of bloody fiction, okay? If people DON'T know that... Then they're silly.

Just to firmly piss off my Ultra-conservative Fundamentalist Christian Readers...

Jesus was a man. Men get urges. Mary Magdelene was hot. He slept with her... He had LOTS OF SEX with Mary Magdalene, okay? For crying out loud... Why the heck NOT? Whether they were married or not, I don't know... Whether Jesus had CHILDREN, I don't know... Heck, I don't really care... But taking away his HUMANITY when you go on and on about his Divinity and Humanity in ONE person, well... You're just being silly. Oh, and another thing... Jesus' MOTHER Mary MAY have been a virgin when she became pregnant with Jesus. I'll let you believe that... But the talk about Joseph NEVER getting to make love to his wife for the rest of their lives? That's complete BULL-honky! For crying out loud... This whole "Josephian marriage" garbage is ridiculous! Why wouldn't Joe get to have ANY fun with his wife, just 'cause God was there first... That's just not bloody fair, or normal.


Okay... That's it for today, I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekends... I know I will.

-- Tuckmac

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Quickie, and it doesn't involve my wife.


So... Work visa... Great thing.

Finding a job... Not so frigging great.

Och weel.

So... Fiona and I spoke once again, last night.... About the "States" and "Britain."

I don't know... I have to admit, BOTH of us are leaning towards moving back to Britain. Not necessarily SOON... But probably eventually. I don't know... We sort of have a "two year plan" with the States. We'll see how things go, and you know what? If it sucks as much as it does NOW... We'll be back in Britain by the end of 2007.


Being a bit depressing. Sometimes a guy just SHOULD NOT BLOG.

Okay... I'm leaving. Hey... Forgot to do the blatent plugs...


Is out... So... CHECK IT OUT!

Also... I'm still "Photo Blogging" and strangely... About 40 people read this blog a day... And only SIX people look at my photo blog every day.

So... Please check out my photo blog... It's actually WHO I AM, as opposed to this rather stilted and perverse and rather MEAN blog y'all read every day.


-- Tuckmac

Monday, May 01, 2006

Quick one...

Seriously... A "quick" one... "A cheese sandwich blog" today...

1. Here's me eating (drinking) lunch at my job (yeah, I do so in the car, so I can smoke five cigs/fags in my half hour.)

Mmmm... No-name SlimFast.

2. Fiona got a marvellous surprise in the post/mail today... HER WORK VISA! YAY! Now she can legally work in the U.S. Of course, now she has to try to find a job, gah...

3. My work is really boring, but it's better NOW, as we've moved on from Virginia to New Mexico, and it's a bit more fast paced. Thank the gods... I think I would've eaten my own face if I had to continue reading about "Money can't buy you happiness" one more frigging time!

4. My friend Brett (fellow photographer and Fulbright Grant guy) is engaged to his long-suffering girlfriend and fiber artist (also Fulbright bird) Anne.

Brett and Anne
Aren't they an awesome looking couple?

And that's it.... Lot's of news... And we're all happy.


Sorry 'bout this.... But just found the funniest thing (thanks City Pages Blotter) - THE ATHEIST'S NIGHTMARE - Video

Okay... Now that REALLY is it for today. Smiles, - T