Friday, December 19, 2008

I just can't seem to do it... Dammit.

Okay, so it's been a month. Here I am... Checking other blogs, thinking, "Damn, why won't they post something?" And I'm MORE than guilty of non-blogging than they are.

And I don't really have an excuse. I promised myself about two months ago, to start doing the 'blogging' thing again. I've been really missing the whole 'writing one's thoughts down' experience that the whole 'blog' culture helps to force one to do. And I just seem incapable.

Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.

Right... Here goes again...

It's been cold, here, in Minnesota for about the past month. And most Minnesotan's are immune to a winter. I mean, we'll kvetch about it being cold and snowy, but really... We tend to complain about our humid and hot summers too. It's just something that we do, we talk about the weather, and 'how, well... Jeez, you know, it could be worse.' Oh, yeah... You betcha, it's been worse here before.

Here's the sitch: I've been regaling My Lady with tales of the dire "Minnesota Winter" for almost six years, now. But, since moving back to the country, and living through our now third winter in Minnesota... She hasn't been terribly impressed with the true horrors of an ACTUAL cold Minnesota winter. Whether that's due to Climate Change, or what... I'm not sure. But it's been positively balmy during the past few winters. An occasional cold week, or something... Perhaps a particularly heavy snow storm, but nothing truly monumental.

Well, that's changed this year. It's freaking AWFUL right now, in the Twin Cities of Minnesota. The winter has truly hearkened back to my childhood days of freakishly low wind-chill, and what seems to be a constant stream of low-pressure systems bringing just enough snow every two days to make driving a true horror.

We've survived, in the past four weeks:
Six mini-snow storms. Not leaving enough (about 2-4 inches 5-10cm) at a time, to do much.
Temps from -14°F to 20°F (-25°C to -7°C) with wind-chills MUCH lower. At times, when one figures in the wind-chill, it's 'felt like' -40°F (-40°C - Yes, the temperature scales get close together at freakishly low temperatures).

And we had a light dusting of snow this morning... With warnings of yet another storm coming tomorrow.

I can't even tell you how un-impressed I am with the weather this month. It's absolutely fridgid, and I can't say that I'm immune to this weather, anymore than My Lady, even though I've grown up here. This is cold even to a Minnesotan. And none of us are happy. It's one thing to have a week of arctic cold, heck... We're used to at least two of those events a winter... But to have it REMAIN this cold... For a whole month? No fair. Not fair at all.

All this has done, really... Is make My Lady and I more and more homesick for Britain. Tis the season to be homesick for England/Scotland... And we already have been a bit down about not being able to even VISIT this year... But when you factor in the weather, it makes Britain seem to be paradise.

Och weel... We miss 'home' but we're stuck here. Obviously, we'll make the best of a bad (cold) situation, and battle onward...

Missing all our friends back in the UK...


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