Saturday, May 24, 2008

Gah... Two weeks... What is he THINKING?

Hello fine readers, Tuckmac here, feeling a bit sheepish. I have been making a real effort to write here at LEAST once a week. And here I am, two full weeks, fourteen days, finally making a new entry.

I give the same reason many other's do. Work. It's been kicking my tail lately. And when I'm not doing my job, I'm trying desperately to pick up the ragged threads of my own art career, and get out and make photographs.

And when I'm not doing THAT, I'm cleaning house, or shopping, or taking the dog to the vet, or any other daily fluff that seems to suck so much time out of one's life.

And when I'm not doing THAT, I'm working with My Lady on our collaboration for her 24 hour performance and media event in July, LINK. (Full disclosure, it's HER piece, of which I am a minor-player, but... I'm keeping up with her as much as I can.)

So, yeah... My plate is a bit full, at the mo'. Does that mean that I still don't have a social life? Well, no... Not necessarily. My Lady and I have been able to hit a few art openings, attend some good live music events, and are able to hang out with friends quite a bit. Don't think that we're some weird shut-ins that never see the light of day, or the neon-lights of the night. It's just that other things (like blogging) tend to get shunted down the list a bit.

All this being said. My Lady is happy, busy, and occasionally frustrated. I'm happy, busy and flustered. But we're hanging in there. It would be nice to see a light at the end of a tunnel, but it's not approaching too soon. On top of all of this OTHER malarkey, we're also in the process of applying for her PERMANENT residency in the U.S. (She's been 'provisional' for two years now) So, that's more going though paperwork... Photographs, and talking to people about writing letters of support. "Yes, Tuckmac and His Lady ARE actually living together as husband and wife... Blah, blah... Blah."


That's it in a nut shell. Hopefully our family and friends that read this blog will have their impatience assuaged by this short missive... And I promise.... I'm still occasionally collecting links from across the inter-web, and will try to assemble a "Linky Day Wednesday" soon.

Smiles from across the pond, or in your back-garden...

-- Tuckmac


Friday, May 09, 2008

Why didn't Tuckmac sleep on Wednesday night.

A scary thing happened around 1:00am in the morning VERY early Thursday.

I smelled something 'burning' when I had taken my puppy for his walk. But, you know... It smelled like someone had burned food. When living in an apartment building, you get used to stuff like that.

Then, about 5 minutes later, one of our neighbours knocked on our door, asking if we had burned anything... As we hadn't, we said no... He went away.

Soon, however, we heard what sounded like a clock-radio alarm. You know... Do Dah... Do Dah... But it wasn't particularly loud, so we didn't really think much of it. Then... I heard a noise out our door, and opened it to see this:

For the record... Everything is now fine. My neighbour's door is still broken... And I'm fairly certain his flat still stinks, but... He's fine. His apartment is fine. OUR apartment is fine... And we all got off on a scare-only basis.

However, I have a couple of issues...

One: His alarm went off, and it didn't sound like an alarm... And wouldn't the apartments on BOTH sides of his perhaps have their alarms go off too? But no...

And Two: There are no fire-alarm triggers in the hallway... What happened, was that our other neighbour that eventually called the fire department... Was told to evacuate the building. He ran up and down every hall in our building, and there's no 'general alarm' anywhere to be found.

Isn't this a bit spooky? I mean, the scary thing about apartments, is that you and I and all our families have done something stupid in our kitchens. Now imagine living in a building with about 55 different flats... That's 55 to 110 people.... All of whom are more than able to be as silly as I have been in the past...

That's bad odds.

Damn. I may not sleep again!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

It's a video day, what can I say...

Came across this brilliant little video on Facebook today... For my American readers, you may have no idea who Boris Johnson is... But, he's the new mayor of London (Jesus wept) and there's nothing we can do about it. However, you should have an idea of the guy, so here:




Jeez... A bit MORE 'Big Brother' please?

I mean... WOW. CCTV everywhere and NOW the dreaded...


You are in the matrix.... And there's no escape!